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Question: To Swing or Not to Swing...

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I are thinking about trying this lifestyle out. I am 100% on board, but she is on the fence. Any thoughts about how to get her to be more open to this lifestyle?




Dear (Anonymous),

Hello There T

Educate...Educate...Educate..Do some research together. Go to a couple of LS events with the understanding that you are just "watching" and not yet "participating." Look for a venue in Vegas to take her too...because remember what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas ;)

It is very normal to be "resistant" to the idea of completely sharing your significant other. Since this seems to be the case for you, you will be best served by taking things very slowly...and at her pace. If you try to force the issue or "encourage" her too much you could very easily shut down the idea of the process for her.

Make sure you both have very specific rules that you will both abide by as well as constant reassurance by you that this is something that you are doing "together" and that there is no fun unless you are both on the same page. However, I will say, like anything else in life, not everyone is always in the same place at exactly the same time. As an AMAZING partner, if you get to the "next level" before she does, it is your duty...again as a loving spouse...to wait until she "catches up." Again, the quickest way to eliminate any chance of you both being on this journey together is to push her before she is ready.

Take things nice and slow...the fact that she is "thinking" about the possibility is more than most people out there. Embrace it and enjoy the ride. Good Luck and Stay Sexy!
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