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Question: Looking for More Action

Dear Lounge Advice,

Hi since we have been active on here we have received no mail from anyone except travel adds. We live in St Louis Mo. We visited Chicago, posted a booty call and got a lot of response, got invited to an amazing party of great looking people. Now I realize people tend to be attracted to their own race which is not racist just people do what they are use to, and she is black he is white, and then their is an age difference, however... We are considered a good looking couple in real life. Have had many threesome with females who have approached us. Do we live in the wrong town? Is anyone acctually doing this here?

People have said thing like, well you have been on here for a long time but did not post this kind of photo. But the truth was we signed on more than a year ago and just forgot we did, untill we resigned on and discovered we had a profile. Laugh.

I also read their are words you guys block like the medical word for the blue pill. If so, cam I know what words they are. Are all the profiles real? Help. It’s been many months on this site.



Dear (Anonymous),

Hello there

Oftentimes mail comes from replies from others. My suggestion to you to generate additional emails from others is to reach out to some couples that interest you and let them know your feelings. Sometimes when we wait for others to respond we find ourselves frustrated and then possibly thinking, "Is there something we are doing wrong??" It sounds like the booty call did wonders for you...try that again...and again...and again ;)

I am a little confused in that you speak about black and white and being comfortable and "doing what they’re used to..." please clarify...do you believe that you are not getting mail because you are a biracial couple??

There really is no "wrong town." Life is what you make of it and if there is not a lot of "action"...create some ;) If you look at the thousands of members on LL, you will see that people ARE actually on the site and there is plenty of action going on...sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper.

To my knowledge, there is no censorship of words, pictures or profiles. Profiles are all real as they are required to go through the administration for picture approval...AND every couple needs a REAL SEAL from another couple in order to "authenticate" the account, which means that couple is verifying that this profile/person/couple are real. Do you have a REAL SEAL from another couple??

Keep reaching out to other couples via email as well as putting yourself out on booty calls and you should start to generate some "play dates." Good Luck and Stay Sexy

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