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Question: Judge of Character vs. Real Seal

Dear Lounge Advice,

I recently met someone on LL who I thought was handsome and nice from his pics and profile. I didnít notice he didnít have a real seal, but at least he turned out to be the person from his photos. Things didnít work out between us because he overstepped his boundaries a couple times (coming on way too strong/disrespectful), and was bragging about his sexual talents, which was making me feel uneasy about him. When I decided to give him a second chance (because there was some chemistry) and we had a romp in the sack, I didnít enjoy it and I decided not to see him again.
A couple weeks later he emailed me asking me to give him the real seal. I didnít feel like he was someone I wanted to recommend to anyone because he seemed emotionally immature and a total newbie kind of single guy. I gave it to him anyhow though because the seal is strictly about whether the person is real or not, not a judgment of their character.

Did I do the right thing??

~ Thanks ~



Dear (Anonymous),

While the Real Seal is a tool to use to verify and validate the existence of a person being "real" it does not require you to offer it to just anyone. If you were uncomfortable with this person you are by no means obligated to "Real Seal" him just because he is an actual person...the idea is if there are others out there that meet him, and share your experience, it is possible that this person might not be "appropriate" for LL. However, having said that, you did a kind thing by giving him the Real Seal validation because he is a real person, just know that in the future you are not obligated to give the Real Seal to anyone that you are uncomfortable with. Good Luck and Stay Sexy ;)
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