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Question: Interested in Getting Experience

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are new to LL. And it seems that we get great responses from people one time. Then it just stops when asking to meet somewhere. Iím not sure whether we are saying or doing something wrong, if itís the photos or itís just timing. Being new is difficult. You want to meet people and become experienced. But you canít meet people without experience. Lol

Any thoughts



Dear (Anonymous),

Hi There

What are some of the great responses that you get?? Are they complimenting you, asking to set up a meet and greet? Wanting to know more about what your desires are?

Might I suggest a little heavy flirting before suggesting to meet in person. Some people/couples are shy; some are hypersensitive to privacy; and unfortunately, some are just downright rude. The question cannot be that you are doing something wrong...because if you are receiving positive responses initially, there is something that you are doing right. The question that is much more important to ask is "Is this a good fit for both couples?" or more importantly, "Is there is something that they are doing wrong?"

Is it possible that it could be your photos?? Yes. Is it possible that the timing is off? Yes. Is being new, on occasion, difficult? Absolutely. However, it comes down to what you make of your experiences. For every couple that isnít interested you, there are three more out that are, you just have to find them.

Donít worry about "becoming experienced," if there is one piece of advice I can provide, it is "Donít rush." Experience will happen...You will meet people...lots of people...Embrace everything this lifestyle has to offer...one day at a time. Enjoy all the new and exciting things that will cum your way :) Hope this helps. Good Luck and Stay Sexy.
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