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Question: Is it me...or is it thee??

Dear Lounge Advice,

So my husband and I met with a couple whom we share not only similar personalities but also experiences, family situations....the works. The chemistry was there and after several meetings, we decided to host said couple. All was going well EXCEPT for the fact that my husband simply could not keep it up with the other wife. I tried to help and my hubby would get his zip going again- until she joined. Luckily for us, they were very cool and understanding. The other husband sent us the the pictures from our play time together- I showed them to my hubby last night and his rock hard boner went down like a chopped tree.

Hereís the dilemma: the other couple wants to get together again and I already know, the other wife is going to do her darndest to work her magic on my husband. We like these people a lot BUT at this point, itís pretty safe to say she just doesnít do it for my husband...

How do we handle this situation with them? Thanks for the help :)



Dear (Anonymous),

Hi There

I am not sure if your husband is "actually not" turned on by this woman or if he is having a physiologic response...that is to say sometimes our bodies sense/know more than our head. However, I do not believe that this has to b the end of the friendship. Many couples in the LS have very deep relationship bonds with other couples in the LS and either no longer play with them, or no longer play with them...that is the beauty of the LS...all the options that you have.

I would suggest maintaining the friendship and just requesting that, for now, you remain friends and not playmates, but that you are open to play time at a later date (or not). It is possible by deepening the connection on a "friendship" level may very well bring the closeness into the bedroom...if it never does than you are still friends...I call that a win-win.

If they are truly genuine and awesome people they will understand. Communicate...Communicate.... Communicate. It is the most important thing we do in any relationship. I hope this helps. Good luck and stay sexy!
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