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Question: New(bie) Adventures

Dear Lounge Advice,

Iím new to, well pretty much all of this. Iím a 23 year old female whoís only known regular (boring) sex and have never tried anything different. The past year or so I havenít engaged in a sexual relationship because I honestly didnít find it interesting enough. Iíve finally decided that maybe normal "vanilla" sex just doesnít do it for me and that maybe something different will.

Hereís where Iím running into problems.... I keep trying to find information of where I can learn more about different lifestyles and eventually try some out; however, everything I can find ends up being a total dead end. Iím having a hard time finding real sources of information because it seems all there is out there is porn.

Iím looking for people who can help me figure out what my sexual likes and dislikes are, any ideas to point me in the right direction?

Thank you!




Dear (Anonymous),

Hi there

Well you are in the right place to start sending a question on Lifestyle Lounge. Depending on exactly what questions you are wanting answered, there are numerous resources on this site alone. There are blogs, advice columns, forums, and above all, the very members that participate on this site. What you will find is that numerous "like-minded" singles and couples that have a more open mind to sexual pleasures are happy to share that knowledge that they have acquired..in fact, they are oftentimes "thrilled" to "share" not only information, but themselves; you simply have to ask.

There are many "adult" websites out there that are filled with mountains of information...However, I have found that being in the LS can be a frightening place for a "newbie," and, as in the vanilla world, can be somewhat contradicting. Yet the best "hands-on" experience you can gather certainly far exceeds any amount of research found on the World Wide Web.

I encourage you to reach out to different members here on LL...ask questions...make friends...explore new adventures...This, I believe, will help you find your sexual desires. Good Luck and Stay Sexy.
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