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Question: We are a young attractive couple and afraid that all the lifestyle couples are just old and ugly... what can we do to feel more assured that there are couples like us.

Dear Lounge Advice,

Ever since we have seen Eyes wide shut we have had many swinger fantasies. We have never done any swinging but have talked about it allot and have the best sex afterwards. My wife is however a little hesitant about going to a club. She is bi curious. My question is how can we take the step from fantasy to reality.

We are a young attractive couple and she is afraid that all swingers are old and ugly. She wants it to be like Eyes wide shut where everyone is beautiful, are these realistic expectations.




Dear (Anonymous),

Most of the fears and misconceptions surrounding the Lifestyle all really stem from the fear of the unknown. In order to put those fears to rest.. the first thing you can do is look around here on the Lifestyle Lounge.

Look at the pics of the people in the chatrooms and in the photo contests and on the profiles... you will see some awesome looking people.

We cannot tell you that if you go to a club you will find an entire room full of young gorgeous people... but its not like you will only see those retro-70's poster people for swinging.

If that is the case in your local club.. then meet people from here.. or attend some of the trips/socials/parties that you see posted here.

Take the Lounges Hedo trip for example... look at the people who are going there...

The people in the lifestyle are just a microcosm of society iteslf.. you will see all races, colors, religions, shapes and sizes... ALL of them.. including the ones you are seeking.

So our advice would be to let her look around this site... and you can also send her to our informational website at www.zacnzoey.com which we built mainly to let people know that there are people just like themselves that do partake in the fun.

We are as picky as can be... trust us... but if we dont find anyone we are attracted to.. we are happy to be with each other.
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