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Question: Perhaps I just want to know your opinion and if you agree that their behavior was rude?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We recently communicated with a couple that was traveling to our city. The email exchanges and then txt messages all went smoot and very efficiently. This couple suggested to meet on Friday at 11pm in their hotel bar and we agreed.
They confirmed several times and then txt us at 10pm that they are running late & have to meet at 11:45pm but if that time won't work for us we could reschedule.
My husband and I just had a shot of espresso and felt ready to go, so agreed to that time.
I txt them when we were on our way, arriving on time.
The bar they wanted us to meet at on the rooftop was closed early due to a private event earlier and the lobby bar was also about to shut down, we managed to order 2 drinks and sat down. When they didn't reply or showed up I txt them, little later they txt that they are in the shower now ready to meet in 10min.
Around 12:15 am my husband spotted another local Lifestyle coming out of the elevator leaving the hotel.
Then we got a txt again that they will b e down in 10min....
We both felt played and treated with disrespect, so we left.
15min later they txt us where we were and I txt them back that we spotted their other date and decided that it was getting too late for us to stick around.
No response or appologies from them but we felt good about having left.
Is it too much to expect more honesty in the lifestyle?
We would have preferred to know that they had an earlier date and if we'd feel ok about playing it by ear that night. We live only 8min walking distance from where they stayed so it would have been no problem for us. Perhaps I just want to know your opinion and if you agree that their behavior was rude?
It feels so needless & very disappointing.





Dear (Anonymous),

It was VERY RUDE and certainly sounds like they had made too many commitments for themselves to keep on that one night.

This happens a lot at takeover events as well.

It would have been better if they has told you they had to decline for that evening earlier on and not left you hanging.
The fact that they pushed your pre-arranged meeting time back almost 2 hours kind of indicates that they were involved with someone else as well.

You did the right thing by leaving.
Any apology from them would have been nice...but at this point I would not expect one if you have not received it yet.

My suggestion would be to call it a bad experience...they don't all work out well...and not let it upset you going forward in the future.
I would certainly put them way down on your
"TO DO" list....if not take them off of it completely.

Most often if someone pushes back a meet time on a "date" ( for any reason other than an emergency/vehicle/transportation issues...then there is another agenda in play....and you are obviously not a high priority....ie....cancel the date yourselves and party on with someone else or each other before it gets too late.
Make it the other parties/couples loss....not yours :-)

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