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Question: Is he hitting spots I will never be able to hit

Dear Lounge Advice,
So this one is tough to admit and the mrs knows and is working with me too. I am also going to sound pretty pathetic, but I am going to put it out there anyway. I have always been a competitive guy in sports, life etc. I/we have been in the lifestyle a while and I have move past pretty much all insecurities and love how we connect and the openness both mental and sexually we have. That said, there is one issue that still plagues me/us to this day. The issue is Penis size. I have an average penis in my mind when it comes to the lifestyle, but many single males who succeed in the lifestyle are very large. On the one hand I enjoy seeing my wife with someone who is large, but on the other hand I have the craziest thoughts. Thoughts like, is he stretching her out that wont go back? Is he hitting spots I will never be able to hit having something with her I dont if even physical and so on. Yes I know I he will never make her feel like I do cause she loves me but that answer doesnt seem to work for me. Its the pride that I cant get past. The thought of him giving her "physical" feelings I never will be able too.

PS. believe it or not we really are secure in the lifestyle and have had our fair share of very large men. I am ok somethings but drive her nuts at others when I fall back into this line of thinking and start asking questions.



Dear (Anonymous),

All people have insecurities…sometimes big or sometimes small…no pun intended:-)

It is how you choose to deal with them that matters more than anything else.

Of course guys with larger penis size are going to produce different sensations and go places that an "average" size cock would not normally reach or produce.

You simply have to accept that as a fact beyond your control…but it does not mean that you are lacking anything.

As long as she is not complaining or expressing that she is dissatisfied with you I would suggest that you not worry about this and enjoy watching her experience different pleasures that only certain individuals or toys can provide.
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