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Question: I am desperate to figure out how to solve this new concern

Dear Lounge Advice,
My wife is truly bisexual, and met another young woman who is also, so much so that they first time they played, it lasted over four hours and they each came so many times that before ending the evening, they had already set another play date for less than a week later. The problem is, the other woman has a distinct body odor that breaks my wife's focus, so much that she finds it a challenge to go down on, or even suck the nipples of the other woman. She very much wants to continue to play with her friend, but the odor is presenting a challenge to doing so. We would welcome any advice you can provide to remedy this situation. Just FYI, we already addressed a similar issue with this woman, she used aloe vera based lotion everywhere, including her nipples and genitals, and we as tactfully as possible asked her not to, and she indicated that she would refrain from using it on those areas, so we're a little nervous about addressing this issue now.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, as my wife really loves this woman, and she loves my wife, so I am desperate to figure out how to solve this new concern.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well….BO/Body Odor issues are a tricky subject.

You are either going to have to "deal" with it or call it a "deal breaker"…IMHO.

If you are uncomfortable talking to this person again about this issue and it is not going to be a long term fling I would call it a "deal breaker" and call it quits.

Since you already voiced concerns over the "Aloe Vera" lotion this person uses then it sounds like you don't have any issues voicing your opinions.

Hell you could even "fib" a bit and claim it is an allergy hyper sensitivity issue.

I would suggest that you be gently honest with this person and let them know the situation.
Maybe suggest "bathing" and a "no perfumes/lotion" policy prior to play dates/playtime….or make that a part of the playtime prep/foreplay….tell her it really turns your wife on…something along those lines.

If that does not solve the issue and it is a "natural" body odor this person simply emits even after bathing…there is not much you are going to be able to do about that other than try to mask it with perfumes or body sprays that are tolerable to your wife….and make WONDERFUL GIFTS !! ;) ;)

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