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Question: there is never enough time….

Dear Lounge Advice, Used to have a very fun lifestyle relationship with my wife of 30 years. Went from that to absolutely nothing. Sex twice in the last 10 months. I am completely demoralized and my confidence is shot WTF. my loyalty is wearing then. She can't talk about anything, she works a lot so I can't imagine an affair, I guess anything is possible, but there is never enough time.



Dear (Anonymous),

I think you just answered your own question.

If you two are not taking the time to communicate with each other because there is "never enough time" and try to express where you are both at individually and with each other…nothing is ever going to change or improve.

If you don't open the communication lines and figure out where you both stand you will both just end up running in circles around each other avoiding dealing with your issues.

I always suggest that being bold, direct and brutally honest with your partner or wife is the best way to handle personal issues.

Lay out all of the cards on the table first…see how she responds.

If that fails you can always seek counseling for both of you to attend or even just for yourself if you feel it is needed to continue your marriage and stay stable and happy.

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