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Question: Going from being a couple to a single male and Picture Posting Etiquette.

Dear Lounge Advice,
I just returned from Hedo3 solo, I learned that L/L members only Bond with-in themselves. Hense I Now joined L/L Life membr.
I just lost a loved one, And this trip helped me to gain focus on my loss/myself/spirituality, as well as the wild times.
I'm new to most of this as well..

My question two-fold, now a single mid 30's male, Fit, tatt's, freaky, cute but no model, average hung, can I still participate in L/L events, etc ??
Second, I have new hedo3 pictures of myself getting spanked by what I believe are L/L members, what are the rules on posting these pics ??
Thanks, appreciate your help,



Dear (Anonymous),

First of all, we are very sorry about your loss. Neither of us can imagine....nor do we wish to even consider what that kind of pain must feel like.

What you really should have learned about the Lifestyle is not that LL members only bond with-in themsleves.... we were there.... and if there was a couple or single fem that was not part of our group... they certainly would not have been precluded from joining us... but the lesson that you should have gotten out of that was that the numbers of couples who are looking to add a single male are not as high as you might have thought.

There is definatly a place in the Lifestyle for single men who are fun, respectful, and patient... and whose first thought is consideration for the the couples. We are not going to walk on eggshells about his... single men are not hard to find if a couple is interested... but the numbers of single men wanting to join a couple are enormous.

Sure you can participate in the Lifestyle... but the easiest way is to concentrate on finding another partner to join the fun.

If you wish to go about it yourself, then just continue to show the respect and understanding that you have.

As far as any pictures are concerned... the golden rule here is to ASK PERMISSION before you post anything. If there is any elses face shown, we have always proactively blurred their faces if we cannot get their permission first.

Contact the people in the picture and ask their permission to first post the picture and if they say no... ask them if its ok to post if you blur their faces and send them a copy to OK first.
Good Luck !!!
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