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Question: We live in a remote area... how do we find Lifestyle people? And whats with the guy pics?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Hey folks.
My husband and I have been easing our way into the Lifestyle . . . and we are finding more obstacles than anything.
We live in a very remote area and finding folks to create friendships with is slow going. Do you have any advice on how to make our profile more appealing?
We have written to several couples (of which few respond), but have yet to be approached first.
Isn't it customary to politely tell couples that we are not interested? Well, we have some couples who have written back agreeing to exchange pic's but then they never write back after that- not even to say "no thanks".
Also, I feel like the pic's people use are so heavy on the woman side. I am bi-so yeah, I love to look at all those gorgeous women - but I also like to look at the gorgeous men.
When taking our pic's, my husband feels we should have more pic's of me than him . . . but i disagree - I think there should be a fair amount of pic's of the both of us. I also think the pic's should tell it like it is for us. I want the pic's to exhibit what we are about. Some of the pic's in the Lounge are almost intimidating and make me wonder "is that one real?"
What is your opinion on the pic's?
We have gone to a FOX event and spent a week at Hedo... but would like to find a group of friends to enjoy these events with. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jeane and James



Dear (Anonymous),

We ran into a few couples at the recent LL Hedo trip that were from more remote areas who shared the same frustrations as you. It is much more difficult when geography plays a part.

The only thing we can tell you is to just keep trying and try to plan some trips to the areas where the concentration of Lifestyle couples is larger.

The national and regional conventions are a fun way to meet others too... and of course.. check right here at the Clubs section of the Lounge.

As far as people not responding... we hate when that happens too... but nothing anyone can do about it.

As far as your feelings about pictures of the males.. .many people share the same feelings... but people usually do what works for them... the truth is that for the vast majority of couples, the women is the one that has to be attracted to the other woman first... and therefore they get more of the attention.

Since Zoey is very much into the women.... attraction to the woman is big to us as we both have to be attracted to her.... of course the attractivness of the male can make or break it... but if there is no attraction for both of us to the female... doesnt matter what the male is like. We do agree that there needs to be at least one G picture of the male... if there are none posted... its usually a red flag.

If you find that you have a connection with someone you can always ask for more pics of the males. Look at our profile.... the only real reason that there are not many pics of Zac is that he is usually the one holding the camera all the time !!!
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