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Question: A couple shows interest in us in person.. but wont return emails... how do we know how they feel?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband and I are just back on the Lounge after taking some time off over the holidays. We have been to a few social outings over the last few months and have met a couple that we are both highly interested in. While out at 'bar meets' they show interest in both of us as well. They flirt and talk about getting together under more intimate circumstances. BUT, we have emailed them several times and have not gotten any response. We know the emails have been opened but still no response.

Our question is this: If they show interest in person, but ignore our emails are we wasting our time? Should we just assume the 'liquid bravery' makes them flirty in person but once they get home and read email, they realize they shouldn't have been quite so 'social'?

Any advise you have would be great. Thanks.


Out Of Practice



Dear (Anonymous),

There are a host of reasons why this could be happening.. but we would just be guessing. We do have something to ask you however...

Why are you asking us that question... and not them?

We are all big boys and girls here... you should write them another email asking them those questions and just ask that they honestly tell you one way or another.

Instead of quessing.... ask them directly where you stand... and you will have the real answer.... and you can go from there.
Good Luck... and welcome back!!!
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