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Question: We have had some bad experiences thus far and are hesitant to try again. Help !!

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for a few years now...but have only had a couple experiences. Both experiences were very "abnormal" compared to what we planned. Both couples that we played with had problems of their own that we didn't realize would cause such odd outcomes.

Now it has been about a year since we have "played" and are both still very much interested as we still go to parties and look to meet new people.

We haven't stopped meeting people or stopped hanging out in the lifestyle...but we have really shy-ed away from any actual playing. I think we are both a bit gun shy from the other experiences. We both very much want to play again but are sooooo overly cautious about it that we have passed up several possibly good oppertunities.

How can we continue and not be so scared of repeating these past situations?
Horny yet Hesitant



Dear (Anonymous),

We feel bad for you that your experiences thus far have been so terrible... .but we are glad that you are still having fun...

Since you didnt go into depth about what those situations were about it is pretty hard for us to comment, however, as in most things in life... you have to kiss a few frogs to find the royalty... and when that finally happens.. it makes all the bad times seem insignificant.

Not all the movies we pay to see at the theaters are very entertaining... haven't you ever seen a trailer and thought to yourselves that its going to be the best movie ever.. only to find yourselves yawning through it??

If we see a few losers in a row... it doesnt stop us from going.. as the academy award winner can be the very next one.

The only thing we can tell you is that over the years we have had many great experiences.. and many train wrecks as well....

Sometimes its best to accept that the odds are in favor of you guys having some really excellent fun... and you just have to trust us that what you have experienced thus far are just like the movies that didnt live up to the hype.
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