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Question: How do you bring up the acutal question about playing?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We recently moved from NY to Lancaster County PA.
We are somewhat new to the lifestyle, but really would like to pursue it further. My question is how do you go from meeting people, to talking, drinks etc., to the actual question of swinging?
How do you bring it up properly with looking foolish or risking embarrassment? Where are the best places to hang out...other than swing clubs.



Dear (Anonymous),

We are going to assume that you are asking about how you bring up the topic of playing...

What you may wish to do is ask the couple about what their boundries are and what they "do" and what they don't do...

We are all big boys and girls and since you are new it may be alittle weird for you guys the first time.. but if the other couple doesnt bring it up... someone has to stand and deliver.. ie you can try just asking... "Are you guys interested in playing?"

Again.. it seems so uncomfortable the first time.. but you will find they will either say "YES" with a sigh of relief... or "no thank you we dont think so"... or something to that effect.

In order to get to that akward stage.. you are probably at a point of interest or comfort that they are in the same boat... or you would have gotten signs from them.

Take a risk and give it a shot.. after the first time it becomes much easier.

Don't worry about looking foolish or being embarrassed... chances are they are feeling the same way.

The best places to meet couples depends on where you are... check the clubs section on this site.. or make a posting in the "Forum" section here.. and let the other couples from your area tell you the best places to go..

Good luck!!!
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