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Question: My loving wife and I are very interested in getting started, but completely unsure how to?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My loving wife and I are very interested in getting started, but completely unsure as to the "how to" of it.

I'm not shy, but she's quite submissive and needs for me to make the arrangments. I see from your article that women rule in this lifestyle. She's not bi-sexual at all, seems another obstacle to jump. AND we've no photos posted, we'd prefer to not have our images out there too much.

I feel like I need a mentor. What can I do to jumpstart our program for finding new friends?

David and Ann in Aloha, Oregon



Dear (Anonymous),

Well you have made a great first decision by becoming a member of the Lifestyle Lounge. Here you can describe what are your interests and desires without concern of who is saying what....

Trust us when we tell you that your chances of meeting people will increase dramatically if you post a picture. If you are really concerned, consider blurring your faces a bit on the pic. Look around... many people do that...

Even on our regular website we dont show our faces.... but after the years... we have mellowed about that... just look to your left !

As far as jumpstarting your "program", we suggest you check out a local club/party/dances/social in your area. We dont know if Aloha,OR is a hotbed of the lifestyle... but there are many guides to local clubs or socials in your area. (See a previous question for more info)
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