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Question: My wife did not enjoy her experiences with one other couple and now doesnt wish to try again.

Dear Lounge Advice,
i have a small prob.. that i was wondering if any one had any suggestions. my wife has had a Experiencewith another female, 2 times.. and a Soft Swap one time.. the first time she was with the female she loved it and had LOTS of fun.. bot the day or two latter the other females that was involved's Husband got jealous About something.. i dont know if it was about me watching alot.. or what.. but he got jealous. The second time we got together.. me and him talked.. and he wonted to try Soft swap.. and was cool with that.. so the females let us have the night that night.. and we painted latex on the females.. first we where on our own partners then i waited till he started painting on my wife.. and i went on his.. then where where done that.. we both went on my partner first.. and then his.. and then we swaped.. i was down on his wife.. and he was down on my wife.. i let him take Full control of the night.. and we all had alot of fun.. he finished off.. and the rest of us three did not finsih.. and he wonted to stop.. he wonted all of to stop.. but the three of us was not, done. but we stoped.. and that was the end of that night.. the next day.. he got jealous agan.. but he got alot more from my wife then i did.. my wife went down on him.. and finished him, but i was cool with that.. but he got jealous about that night for some reason.. so we blew that off also.. my wife was really getting agervated about the deal with him.. so the last time we did something.. it was the females agan.. ok and my wife and his wife.. had their fun.. and we watched. .then we went to our partners.. and had fun with our partners.. and it was all alot of fun agan.. and agna he next day he got jealous agan about the ordeal.. and we dont know why... not his wife will no longer do anything with any other couple agan.. he blew it for them.. but also my wife dont wont to do anything with them.. or another couple.. she was willing to try FULL swap with them.. but not any more.. nore will she do anything with any one else.. and i ask her why.. alls she says.. is this that she did not get anything from doing that.. that the first time was like a puppy love type ordeal and that she was happy to have someone other then me like her the way i like her.. and that she got her off and she dont wont to do it any more.. what can i do to help her get back into this lifestyle.. i liked being in the lifestyle.. and enjoyed being with other females and watching my wife give pleaser to other males and females.. but she is not wonting to do it any more.. i think it is because the other couples male always getting jealous what can i do to show her it is fun.. and that she will enjoy this lifestyle..? any help would be greatfull.
Newark Delaware



Dear (Anonymous),

We cannot understand why you guys went back for more if the other couple had jealousy problems after your first encounter.

Seems like if you get your hand burned on a hot plate you should not reach for it again.

If your wife is unhappy about Lifestyle activities and unsure if she wants to participate, then there is very little you can do other than discuss the mistakes you made in returning to that same couple, and see if she is willing to give it another shot. For her to draw a conclusion that other couple's males "always" get jealous based on this one couple is a little silly.

Perhaps she has other issues that you need to find out about from her. Try discussing it again and make a commitment to forget about that couple and not to be with them again.

You may also suggest that you guys go to one of the local parties/socials or clubs... and just say that you are going to just meet other people but do not play for a while. Just go and be with each other and perhaps you will meet people that she will be attracted to and will consider more at another time.

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