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Question: We have played only when traveling and fear our neighhbors.

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife of 10 yrs and I have had a cpl of cpls over the years but were traveling all the time. now we are with children and home bound for the most part, with that history... my better half is bi like myself but fearful of small town usa and its really big mouth, we want to interact but shes scared "the neighbors" help me please to satisfy our urges.
looking for friends in the woods.



Dear (Anonymous),

If that is a very valid concern in small town USA communities.

What we would suggest is just try to find a local club/party/social that is a little further away and try to attend there or get a hotel room nearby to it and make it an overnight thing.

We have found that for the most part everyone in the Lifestyle is very quiet about who attends these events... and if you see someone you know... hey they are there too !!! Of course there are the jerks and idiots who are thorns.. but they are few and far between.

We have known some people who are concerned about being "outed" who have changed their zip code of record on the Lifesytle Lounge to indicate a nearby big city or area that will not make them stand out like a flag in their home town.

We have been in the Lifestyle for 7 years... and there are so many of our straight friends that have no idea what we do in our privacy.
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