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Question: I am a single professional who travels a lot.. is it inappropriate of me to write others.. or should I just sit back and wait...?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am a new member of lifestyle lounge and would like to meet and make special friends.
I am a single professional man who travels often in my work.

Would it be inappropriate for me to write whomever(provided they sought single men)at this point, or would it be wiser to just sit back and let others make the first move.


Kevin (Traveller)



Dear (Anonymous),

We are not very big fans of anyone sitting around waiting for others to do something.. and being that you travel a lot... it may be that the only way you will meet others is by reaching out to them...

What we mean is that if you are traveling far from your home that is listed here... it is very rare that someome will contact you without you writing them and telling them...

That being said.... there are some etiquette issues for single men to consider:

If a profile indicates that they are NOT into single men.... DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THEM... even if you are just looking to be "friends" Especially if their profile specifically says.. NO SINGLE MEN.

DO NOT think that you are going to be the one exception to that rule... you will just bother people.. piss them off.. and make it that much harder for the other single men.

Couples who are interested in meeting single men will indicate such.. and trust us.. there are plenty to go around for them.

If you are going to be traveling there is nothing wrong with sending a polite email to a couple that indicates that they like to include single males saying that you will be traveling into their area...etc... and found them attractive and was wondering if they would be interested in meeting... etc.

Another idea is to make a posting in the travel section and maybe some people will respond to that.

Here is one last suggestion... you can go into the "My Account" section and change your location to the location you are traveling to prior to or during your trip so that members in that area will see that you are there... just dont forget to add something to the first line of your profile that says... "I WILL BE TRAVELING TO XXX (and put the dates)

Hope these suggestions help you out.... don't just sit back and wait for things to happen... for the single guys its all about supply and demand.. the supply is huge.. and the demand is not as great.. so you need to give it a shot.

Remember that we always quote "The Great One", Wayne Gretsky who said, "You are guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you never take !!!"
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