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Question: I am a single male and thought I did the right thing with a couple.. can you make suggestions in this situation?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Hi how you guys doing? I'd been in this life style for awhile and I just got back into this life style couple of months ago. My question is this I met this couple at this swinging club and I found out this was there first time being with other couple or singles. I was talking to this couple she said it was his idea to come there and she said she was comfortble with it but when the time came to go have fun we went to this room I notice she was a little reserve and I ask her if she was ok she said yes.

So we begun to have fun and she really got into it and then her ( husband or b/f ) became
reserve I notice it right away so what I did was I'd just play with her and not have any intercourse with her due to her reserve guy in there? I like to know if I did anything wrong to get him in this way??
thank you for your time Jim



Dear (Anonymous),

It sounds as if you showed more understanding and respectful than most single men would have and for that you deserve some kudos...

In the future, you may wish to consider that when dealing with a couple... always remember that there are TWO people in that couple and the only thing we can suggest is that you approach the husband first and ask how he feels about this first....

We have always said that the respectful thing for single males to do is to approach the husband first and get his blessings before doing anything.

Its easy to play "Monday morning quarterback" and disect every step... but of course we were not there.. and unlike a football game.. there are no films to review (most of the time.. LOL) to really give advice one way or another.. but these are the best suggestions we can give.

Continue to be respectfull and unassuming and you will always be welcomed by couples in the Lifestyle...
Good Luck !
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