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Question: I am a quadrapalegic and people seem to be scared off by my wheelchair.. anything you suggest we do?

Dear Lounge Advice,
I am a quadrapaleegic, but very independent. I'm in a wheelchair, but I drive and do alot more than people think I can do. My fianceeand I are both bisexual. We are looking for other bi cpls too hook up with. However, it seems like because I'm in a wheelchair it scares them off. What would you suggest us to do?



Dear (Anonymous),

We really do not have a great answer for you here... except to say that your profile also states that you are looking for couples where both are bisexual... and that further limits the number of couples that would be interested.

Also, although you are mentioning that you are in a wheelchair in your profile, we do not think there is the need to add the statement, "We hope the wheelchair does not scare you off" or something to that effect that you have in there.

We are sorry that you are experiencing any of these difficulties as I am sure you deal with enough of them outside of the lifestyle... the only advice we can give you is that there are matches for everyone out there.. it just may require more patience in your particular case.

The other thing is that you have no pictures posted.. you may wish to consider adding them so that people can put a face to a screen name.

Lastly, become more involved in the Lounge site.. the more exposure you can bring to your profile the more you can deflect any negative thoughts about the wheelchair.... make postings in the forum... enter the photo contests... become involved and you will expose yourself to numberous couples and increase your chances of finding that match.
We wish you the best of luck !!!
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