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Question: How do we get people to leave at the end of the night?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are new to the lifestyle, and have had a few experiences so far, all wonderful. It has enhanced our already wonderful sex life, and constantly serves as an affirmation of our love for each other. However, we are curious... how do you tell another couple politely that it is time to go? We have had wonderful times with our friends, but are a little uncomfortable with the end... We like to have a little private time after our friends leave, and sometimes it seems like an eternity before they go, lingering for more...

So, how do you politely ask another couple to leave, and that you are finished?



Dear (Anonymous),

The easiest way to get out of that situation is to plant some seeds before you even start playing. You may wish to the other couple early on that you cannot make this that late of an eveneing as you have something important to do early the next day...

Then you can just tell them you are sorry but you really have to get some sleep.

That is a little game you can play if you have difficulty being direct.

The situation that you bring up is hard for us to relate to, as we have learned that the very best thing to do is to just be direct and honest with people and not dick-dance around.

What we would do is just tell the couple, "Listen guys... That was fun.. but It's time"

"After playing we find it important for us to spend some quality time with each other and we are sure that you will understand.... would you like something to drink before you go.. or are you guys ok.?"

Once again... we are all big boys and girls.. most people can relate and respect what you guys choose... if you are confident and direct about it.. they will get the message loud and clear with NO ambiguity...

No one is gonna have any problems with what you want... and if they do... TOO DAMN BAD!!!!

We have said this over and over again.. you guys are the only ones that really matter. We know that sounds cold.. but it is not... it is the truth... couples come and go.. people come and go.. you are the only two people you can really count on... and you have to treat each other like that.
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