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Question: We have become very close friends with another couple, but do not wish to play with them anymore. How do we tell them?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We met a great couple a while ago. Everyone got along well and the occasional sex was great. We wound up spending alot of time together with our children too hanging out in a non-sexual way. However, I have decided I do not want a sexual relationship with them anylonger because Im just not attracted anymore (not really sure why). Although my husband isnt all that happy about it, he understands and is willing to do whatever I want. However, we do have a great friendship with them and do not want to ruin that. I cant think of a way to tell them I still value there friendship but do not want to have a sexual relationship any longer. I know it will hurt there feelings especially since I dont really have a good reason to give them for my change of heart. Do you have any suggestions?



Dear (Anonymous),

What you may wish to tell them is that sometimes in the Lifestyle you find that you become so close to another couple that you are afraid that playing with them will ruin the friendship.. kinda of too close for comfort... and that you have decided that your friendship is more valuable to you to risk that.... and you would like to remain great friends but not go any further than that.

Sometimes you may be surprised that they may be feeling the same way and just didnt know how to tell you either.

We can only guess... but... it may even be true.. this may have unconsciously caused your lack of desire for them sexually.

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