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Question: My other half wants to include others and I just want to be with one.

Dear Lounge Advice, Hi. I first went to a swinger party 5 years ago with a friend. I found out then that i love the attention i get. it made me feel like a star as i am an exhibitionist and it is a turn on to have people watch me having sex and it makes me even put on a bigger show for them as it makes me fell super. Now I am in love with a man that is older and his thing is me and he with just one women where i am an extension of him. i have to pick up women for him and play with them and watch and get excited about waching him fuck the hellout of them. This is also something that he wants to do about once a week. I love him when we are alone at home, but this is really too much for me and it makes me feel disqusted. You should see his face when he does this, he looks like a ravaged animal. I beleive the best sex is with the person you love and that I can only let myself go if i feel i can trust him. But to him one woman is only as good as the next woman. I do love him, but I wonder if there is a man out there that could really appreciate me for all that I am inside which is one woman that wants to truly give all that she has to him, both sexually and also caring.

where do i find my answer from you? Also, he got in the adult industry as an older man and has had the pleasure of fucking women as young as 18, and actually think they want to do this not realizing they were paid for that. My man is near 60 and looks it also, I on the other hand am younger and have had surgery that makes me look younger than i really am and beleive me i do attract young women ( for him). My only fantasy is really haivng the best sex i can with the person that i love, not watching him fuck women and also he give the best to them and cums inside them also, and never me when we are playing, i really believe he is spoiled becasue of the porn he has been in and doesnt have a clue who he really is. I do love him but like I said when we are alone, not when he is constantly searching for one hole after another as he calls it. His fantasy is fucking twins or sisters or mother and daughter or as many women as he can at one time. But i do love him and cant stand up to him as he loves being a dirty old man and doesnt give a care what anyone th9nks about him as he has gotten away with fucking way too young ladies as he put them in movies. Thank you for your answer really. Gigi



Dear (Anonymous),

Sounds like everything you do sexually is all about what he wants to do. What about you and your feelings. Are you guy involved with this just to make him happy?

What we would suggest is that you make this about the both of you.. not just him.

We cannot tell you what to do.. but if you just keep doing everything he wants to do... and disregard your own feelings.. then how different are you then those "younger girls... are they getting what they want from him also?

If what you say is true... and your fantasy is just making love to one man... then you should get him to understand that there is something called balance.

We can see how you would be wondering if there were someone else out there that would give you the attention and be concerned about your feelings.

If you really love this man... then lay it out on the line for him to decide... and if he chooses to continue as things are... then you are the only one that can make the decision thats best for yourself.

But first you have to confront him with it.
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