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Question: We are both straight, but I would like to see her with another woman.

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I are new to the "couples" scene and are exploring it together. we have met a few people for drinks and attended one party in which we had a blast. The people were very friendly and my wife and I both enjoyed the flirting and knowing what could happen (in the back of out minds). I have noticed from looking at people profiles that the majority of the women in the couples are either bi curious or bi sexual while the men are predominently straight. My wife and I are both straight although a fantasy of mine would be to have her be with another woman and I. My question centers on the mindset of these bi women? Are women more prone to try something with another woman than I guy is with a guy? Is there something different for a woman when being touched by a woman that a man can't offer? I would like my wife to try and am curious if she would esperience something different than she would receive from a man? Please help me understand?



Dear (Anonymous),

Zoey will tell you that most women are at least bi-curious or have bisexual tendencies inside of them if they are honest with themselves. Our society for the mostpart views bi females and bi males in totally different lights.

At a party or a club, two women kissing or playing with each other tends to get most of the men and women sexually aroused, while the site of two men playing with each other makes some people want to head for the exits. Its not fair nor is it right.. but it’s the truth…probably because men are more fearful of displaying those feelings as it is less accepted.

As far as whether it feels different for a woman to be touched by a woman.... Just accept Zoey’s answer that there is a huge difference between the touch, feel, taste and smell of a woman and a man. A bi female simply lets herself experience the best of both worlds !!

As far as wanting your wife to experience it… talk to her about how she feels about it…. And pursue it only if it is something that she wants..not what YOU are wanting for yourself. If it is something that she is going to do just to please you…. Trustus… everyone else involved will not enjoy themselves either.

The lifestyle clubs/parties/socials afford you both the opportunity to experience new things without having to face the evil looks from the more closed-minded straight folks.

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