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Question: We have very specific rules... will we be able to find someone?

Dear Lounge Advice,
My boyfriend (have known him for over 20yrs before, during and after marriages to others)and I have just started exploring these options in the lifestyle. We only have a woman join us because I am not turned on by other men (I must be in love). We have a rule of no penetration. He is fine with this, however, it seems difficult to find a single female. Whether clubs or through web sites, there are just not that many. I am also wondering what will happen when they find out he doesn't perform oral in addition to there being no intercourse. I am willing to experiment with the other woman and did so in the past. Do you think there is much of a chance of us meeting women who just want to play the way we do? The last two seemed relieved that they weren't expected to have intercourse, however, I think one was disappointed at no oral and she did not seem to want to do him. I did most of the "work". He and I have great chemistry, but he (50 yrs old) has had to use Viagra when we do this soft swinging. Do you think we are lifestyle candidates or not?



Dear (Anonymous),

You make the rules and there is no "membership committee" that decides if you are in the Lifetyle or not.

Naturally the more limitations you place on your activities.. the more you limit your potential of finding people willing to accept the same limitations.... however.. they are out there.. you just have to be specific in your profiles and be patient !!!

There is a cover for every pot.. you just have to realize that if your pot is of a particular shape.. you have to search a bit longer.
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