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Question: Is it common for peole to be close friends then fade off

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are a clp that has been in the lifestyle for about a year now. What we are wondering is if we arenít aware of a pattern or social rule within the lifestyle. There have been two cpls in particular that we have been with in the last year that we thought we were good friends with. Both fizzled out over time. The first one in particular was a little harder because we thought we were good friends with them. In fact they were the ones who were persistent about seeing us in the beginning of our relationship. Then out of the blue they started blowing us off, instead being honest with us about it which was a little hurtful. What is weird is that they still want to be friends and contact us from time to time. This might have been possible if they would have been honest with us and told us upfront about the way they felt. By lying to us about their feelings and jerking us around we really donít feel like we want talk to them anymore. Anyway what we are wondering is if itís fairly common to get to be really good friends with a cpl then have it fade away just as fast as it started or if there is such a thing as finding someone in which you can actually have a lasting relationship with?



Dear (Anonymous),

We cannot speak for everyone here.. but we think you are taking these "relationships" alittle to serious.

You are married to each other only... couples come and go... again people view things differently... but for us.. this is fun on an Saturday night !!!

Is it really common? Is it really common for things to come up in peoples lives? YES

People have different motivations and requirements. It is important to remember that LIFE HAPPENS !!! People have things going on in their lives that they must attend to.. jobs..families...etc and their world does not necesarily revolve around the Lifestyle.

Sometimes couples take a break from the lifesytle too !!

We guess what we are saying is this is supposed to be an adjunct to your relationship and not to put so much pressure on the other couples.

Everyone has their own situations and they do not alway meld 100% with yours.

If you are looking for a "lasting" relationship with other requirements then just be upfront with people with the fact that you are looking for this... then those couples (like us) who are really not so interested in making life commitments to other couples will tell kindly.. "No thanks"
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