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Question: How do we make sure both individuals from a couple are interested and not just one.

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are new to the Lifestyle, so we are just learning ourselves. But what do we do in a situation where we only hear from one half of the couple? They are new as well, but it just seems logical that they both should be interested! Not just one or the other. How could we politely tell them that we wish to speak to both of them, and not just one? We want to make sure she is equally envolved in the decision making process




Dear (Anonymous),

What you should do is that if you are only speaking via email... tell them that you would like to speak to each of them over the phone.

If you are talking on the phone... lets say.. just to the guy... you can say that your wife is interested in speaking to the woman... just as friends... a shopping thing.. or something like that.

You do not have to be direct about wanting "confirmation" .. if they are hesitant to allow that... then we would just flat out tell them of your concerns and wishing for everyone to be on the same page...

We are all adults here.. and everyone has the same concerns and fears. They will understand.. if they do not.. MOVE ON !!!! NEXT !!!
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