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Question: We are not into rushing into bed with others.. are we off?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My girlfriend and I share the same desire when meeting couples in the lifestyle. We are not into fast sex.

We want to have some build up, play some mind games (good ones of course), have some HEAVY flirting and build a mutual burning desire that THEN can be tamed in the bedroom..or the pool...or the..well you get the idea!

We have met a lot of couples that seem hell bent on just getting to the sex. We know that this lifestyle has something for everyone...but are we asking for too much?

Is this the kind of thing couples you know like or are we a little "off"?



Dear (Anonymous),

You are definately NOT alone... .

As you would expect.. the ones who are more agressive are the ones who are going to be approaching you first.

The explanation of what you are looking for was so well written.. do you have that in your profile?

You are not off... and to tell you the truth.. WHO CARES ??

Just like in meeting a mate you have to be patient to find a good fit for you.. they are out there.. just be patient and do not get down at all.. have fun with each other !!!

One last thing... never compromise for others... stand your ground.. if you do.. you will hate yourselves afterwards!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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