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Question: We are taking a break from the Lifestyle.. what should we say in our profile?

Dear Lounge Advice,
We were wondering if you could offer some insight on how to write a good away profile. We are taking a break from the lifestyle for financial reasons (just for a few months till we get back on our feet again) and we want to write a good message so that people that come across it want to come back and to our profile later. Any suggestions? Should we take off our pics? what is the best etiquette in this case?

Sincerly Delia & Eric



Dear (Anonymous),

We have always supported the idea that HONESTY is the best policy no matter what.

In your case we would just adjust our profile to state exactly what you said to us here. People can all relate more than you think to the financial realities that we all face.

One thing we wished to point out is that there are many ways of still participating in the Lifestyle that does not require any costs.. but then again that depends on what you guys are into and what you like to do.

You may be surprised that if you are 100% honest about your situation you may be contacted by other people that are in the EXACT same situation that you are in. Give it a shot and see how it goes.

Leaving your pics up it totally up to you. It all depends on whether you are really interested in being contacted or wish to withdraw completely.

Good luck and best wishes for more prosperous times ahead !!
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