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Question: What would your response be to those we are not interested in

Dear Lounge Advice,

We recently attended a Lifestyles New Year's Eve party and met a couple we had just corresponded with via email. We were going to this party prior to corresponding with them....

While at the party, we went to where they were sitting (my honey recognized them) and introduced ourselves. After a short hello, he asked his wife to dance with me (John) and proceeded to dance with Joan. While dancing with Joan, he became very hands on and groped her to the point where she was uncomfortable with it.

We believe this to be unacceptable as there was no way they knew what we were comfortable with and/or if we were interested in them. Joan basically just fought him off and told me about it afterwards.

To add insult to injury, the next day they sent us an email and said they never saw us at the party! They were obviously drunk, what were your response be now (knowing that of course, we are NOT interested in meeting them anymore).

By the way, they are experienced Lifestylers...

John & Joan



Dear (Anonymous),

We prefer to be direct and to the point.. no use in wasting time...

"Hi thank you very much for your interest but at this time we do not think that we would make a very good match."

Re Mr Groper.... nothing turns us off more than that... experience means nothing when there is no class.

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