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Question: How do you respond to an Interracial couple who you are not interested in?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have a question that is of a "touchy" subject for us and probably most people would hesitate in asking as it deals with "interracial" couples and playtime.

My husband and I are both Caucasian and we consider ourselves very open minded and do not consider ourselves racist by any fashion. We have played with several interracial couples.

However...here is the issue, my husband is very against us playing with another couple who's husband is black. He say's that he is not comfortable with it and just plain and simple does not have the desire to watch me with a black man. I respect his choices and don't push the issue at all, as I am not really attracted to black men anyways.However, there have been a few to catch my eye ;-)

Our question to you is this...how do we handle or better yet respond to an interracial couple who the male half is black? We never want to hurt anyone's feelings, and we have read in the forum that it's best to respond but we struggle with this often Is it best to just say we are not interested and be done with it? Thank you.



Dear (Anonymous),

People are people. How would you respond to a couple of the same race who you are not interested in?

You do not owe anyone an explanation as to WHY you are not interested in them. The best thing to do is to be up front and direct and tell them, " We are sorry but at this time we do not think we would make a very good match."

Trust us... there if they are an interracial couple we are sure that they hear all kinds of excuses... nothing is worse than to see someone sputter around trying to make up an excuse.

We are all big boys and girls. You do not have to treat an interracial couple any different than you do any other couple.
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