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Question: How do I get my partner involved in the Lifestyle?

Dear Lounge Advice,

How do you get your partner to become involved in the "swinging" thing.? I have made slight suggestions and all that I don't know do I need to come out and be blunt?



Dear (Anonymous),


It's really hard to answer that questions with out knowing the exact type of relationship you have with your partner.

There is a big difference in the suggestions we would offer if you just started dating or of you two have been married happily for years and years....not to mention what has your sex life has been like together so far.

If you feel your partner truly loves you and you know he/she is open to hear anything you have on your mind...just be honest and open about your feeling of interest in this area are and ask them how they feel about it.

Just make sure you explain to your partner that this is something that you fantasize about doing "together" and that you are in no way unsatisfied with them.

If your partner is interested they will most likely commit to an open conversation on this issue with you.

If they do not respond positively or at all..... that is probably a big hint that there is either no interest in exploring "the lifestyle"...or that it is an area you two need to take your time with and learn to communicate better about your intimate feelings and opinions of relationships,sex and fantasy.

Definately don't try to force or throw your partner into the "lifestyle" with out any warning.
That rarely works out to be a good experince for either of you or your relationship.

Just ask them if you can talk about thier feelings on sex...that usually opens a good discussion on the whole issue and you two will learn so much more about each other when you talk things through first.


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