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Question: Worried that people from my work may have found out about our online ads.

Dear Lounge Advice,

Recently, on another system, I received an unsolicited email from a trial member asking "hadn't they seen me around (my place of employment)," and ending with the phrase "You devil, you." (They had my place of employment correct, by the way.)

No expression of interest, or anything like that - just a hint that they knew where I worked.

Funny thing - we didn't have any face pics on that system at all, and only in the "members only" section of one other system. But they might have been told by someone-who-knows-someone who we HAVE been with and spilled the beans to during normal conversation.

I'm a senior exec with my company, and I don't think my lifestyle activity would be thought too highly of there.

I immediately trashed all face pics and scrubbed all profiles on all systems we belong to, getting rid of info that could even possibly give a hint at our identify (there wasn't much, anyway).

I also wrote back to the person, telling them nicely that "we don't like to talk about where we work with people we don't know" and asking them why they thought they knew me, since we hadn't posted any face pics there.

It's been two weeks now, and the couple hasn't logged in since - I've been checking their "last visited" date regularly. Hence, they've never opened or answered my email reply.

Isn't what they did really bad lifestyle etiquette? Do you think a system operator would view it as "threatening" enough to contact them and help me somehow? I should probably just let sleeping dogs lie, but I am...




Dear (Anonymous),

We have found that when we were on multiple sites with different screen names…. our profiles were so similar that you didn’t need Detective Columbo to figure out we were the same people….

If someone just wanted to gossip.. they would have let the cat out of the bag already… if they had any other ill intentions… they would have sent something else already…. It sounds like someone that you know is just trying to be cute.

We don’t think that there was any threat stated or implied which would be cause for an Administrator of a site to reveal any information about anyone else….. if anything goes south from there… you can choose your course of action… you need to carefully read the “terms and conditions” on each site.

What that person did was not only poor Lifestyle etiquette… it was simply in poor taste. It’s a shame that we have to worry about this stuff ….. don’t we have enough crap to deal with in our lives??
See what they say whenever they finally do read your email…. Let us know…

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