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Question: Please advise me - Empty Relationship

Dear Lounge Advice,

I'm in a relationship with a very sweet woman. I however am still pineing for someone else. My current woman has fallen in love with me. I feel friendship for her but nothing else. I have told her how I feel and she says she will wait. I feel very guilty about my lack of feelings for her. But I also feel that if I left her( which feels right) I would feel so lonely. Another reason for guilt.
. Thank you



Dear (Anonymous),

It is not fair to keep your current lover hanging around just to sooth you own personal fear of being alone.
By doing this means that you are just being selfish and using her...and most likely misleading her.

Whether she wants to wait or not....you probably should cut all ties and let her go.

You obviously know that you do not love her...so why wait to break her heart at a later date?

You would be a kinder person and a better person if you told her "everything" you are feeling about this situation and let her move on to find a man that truly wants her in his life because he loves her....not someone to just keep you occupied.


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