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Question: What is the best device or procedure? Male pubic hair removal.

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have noticed a trend in men shaving their pubic hair. While I have always trimmed mine, until this past weekend, we never trimmed my husbands. So, I got my small trimmer out and tried to trim things up a bit on the penis all the way up to his tummy. Now he says it irritates him and the tiny hairs still sticking out are itchy...but he really likes the look. I have also noticed guys shaving everything off the balls. What is the best device and procedure for shaving/trimming close for guys...
Many thanks in advance!



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, there all several methods to achieving the shaven/bald look for guys...and it will probably take a little trial and error to figure out which one works best for your husband.
It really depends on the look and the comfort level you and your husband both enjoy and he can stand.
Here are several options you may want to consider and try.

Waxing/Laser removal:
Waxing and Laser treatment by a certified Dermatologist/Esthetician will remove all of the hair from any region applied.

The Differences:
The Laser removes the follicles and rarely does the hair ever grow back.
Waxing removes the follicles but they can eventually grow back and other treatments would be needed down the road.

If you choose either of these options you may want to apply "Baby Oragel" to the region BEFORE to help numb the pain during and after the procedure. (Do NOT apply it after the procedure)
After the procedure you can take Benedril for puffiness or in grown hairs that crop up.
DO NOT go tanning (by bed or natural light) for 2-3 days after the treatment and make sure to wear High Block sun screen if you must expose the area to sunlight.
Hair must be ¼ of an inch to wax and no more than 1inch long.

Pro’s/Con’s: Basically either of these two methods have super results …better than a razor trimmer will ever obtain...but there is some pretty irritating discomfort you have to endure during and several hours after you have the treatment.

Beard Trimmer/Edgar Trimmer:
Trimmers are an easy and somewhat painless way to achieve a very low cut to the pubic region.
This is the same type of trimmer a man would use for trimming a beard or goatee.

A cordless trimmer with a smaller cutting blade width is easier maneuver.
Get your partner to help you on hard to reach/view areas
Don’t use too much pressure or you could nick cut yourself
Brand new trimmers cut the hair ends pretty sharp…the more you use it the duller the cutting blades will become and the itching/poking sensations afterwards will not be as irritating.
Experiment with different trimmers and cutting strokes to find the most desired effect.

Trimmers are a cheap, easy and portable way to maintain a shaved region.
The only real downside it if you cut yourself it hurts and some men itch pretty bad for the first day or so until the hair tips dull from wear and movement.

Standard Razor and Gel :
If you are brave …whip out the good old face shaver, lather it up…. and take your chances.
You probably will cut yourself a few times until you get the hang of it.


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