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Question: She's done playing...but I'm not ready to give it up

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I have been participating in this lifestyle for about 3 years now off and on. And for the most part we have had a lot of fun.

A Couple of times my wife has asked me not to share her anymore. She feels like I toss her off on other men and sometimes she gets real upset about it and says she doesn't like how I have made her.

I love my wife dearly, but I LOVE seeing her with another men. PLEASE HELP from a mans view. I don't want to ruin my marrage but I am not ready to give up playing.



Dear (Anonymous),

You may not be ready to give up playing...but your wife has made it clear that for the moment...she is.
If you truly love your wife and care about your marriage....then take a break with her until you two are playing as a team again.

If you two are no longer seeing eye to eye about the lifestyle ....then it is a big sign that you boh need to drop out of it for a while.... as one or both of you continueing in the lifestyle will most likely make things go from bad to worse in your marriage and friendships.

Other couples usually can spot couples that are not "playing" as a team any more...and many times they pass up opportunities to get together to avoid being caught up in the problems that couple may be experiencing.

Neither of you should be doing anything that you both are not comfortable with...individually and together.

Try sitting down together and having a "no holds barred" ...but fair minded....conversation with each other about how you both are feeling .....about yourselves, each other, and the lifestyle.
Communication and trust is going to be the key factor on whether or not you two can maintain your relationship....regardless of the lifestyle.

The lifestyle will always be around for you two to step back into later....but right now..... your love,your marriage,and your family are more important than anything else.


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