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Question: Husband shows up

Dear Lounge Advice,
My boyfriend of 2 years and I met a couple online, but it was clear from the beginning she was only looking to hook up with me. Her and I made a plans to met for drinks to get aquainted with each other. we were hitting it off pretty well, about and hour pasted by and I excused myself to the ladies room. When I returned to my surprise, her man was with her, we agreed before meeting that it would only be the two of us my question to LL is, has anyone else that you know of been in this situation and how was it handled?



Dear (Anonymous),

Well...as you have learned the hard way....it is usually for the best to have everyone involved meet face to face first before planning single dates out alone.
This allows everyone to become more familiar with each other before planning dates leaving one or more of the individuals out of the picture.

It is possible that this was simply just a misunderstanding...but from what you have described...it sounds like they planned this "suprise" in advance.

This type of behaviour is very selfish and dishonest on the part of that couple...so you may want to reconsider how involved you want to get with them until you get to know them both a little better.
Try planning one another "girls only" date...but be VERY clear about the details and see if the same thing happens again.
If it does...then you know you can not trust them ....this "first "suprise" was no accident.... and move on.

When this situation occurs...it usually involves the fact that someone in one of the couples is not interested in the other...so a scenario is planned that "conveniently" leaves out that person...or allows the "unwanted" individual a chance to attempt contact with the the other.


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