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Question: Shaving bumps- Are there any prducts to prevent this?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have a question about pubic hair. I like to keep myself bush-wacked, and I have, at times, shaved completely. Are there any products or techniques that you could suggest to help avoid irritation and those damn hair bumps. I love the feel of a bald muff. I just want it to look pretty after the hair is removed. Thanks



Dear (Anonymous),

Try applying "Bikini Zone" to the area after you have shaved.
This product works really great!

Also, you may want to try shaving with the direction of the hair growth instead of against it.

And....an old stripper trick...apply deoderant (like Dove or Suave) to the area after shaving.

Have you considered having your pubic hair removed by waxing or laser?

While these procedures may be more costly than a razor and cream ...the results are fantastic.

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