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Question: We think we know them

Dear Lounge Advice,

We recently exchanged messages with another couple, only to realize after the initial contact was made (they contacted us first) that the males know each other socially in "real life" through some mutual friends.

Neither of our profiles had face pics, but we managed to put two and two together (of course only after we had already sent our face pics to them), and now we're pretty embarrassed since we wouldn't want them to reveal our choice of lifestyle to any of our mutual acquaintences.

What should we do? We actually would still like to swap with this couple, but we believe they're afraid to write us back for fear of revealing who they are. Should we write them and indicate that we know and that we're still down for some "discreet" fun that could just be our little secret? Or that we know they know and that we'd appreciate their respecting our privacy just as we'll respect theirs? Or should we just let it go entirely and hope that the whole thing blows over?




Dear (Anonymous),

Honesty is usually the best policy..try keeping in touch with them.

Let them know that you are still interested, you think you know them "socially" and re assure them that you are very discreet as well.
Sometimes re affirming that you are very discreet will help put a "familiar" couple at ease.

They are probably having the same thoughts/questions about you two...so put it out in the open and see where things go.

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