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Question: Not comfortable in a group sex room..what to do?

Dear Lounge Advice,
What should you do when in a group room a man doesn't ask and just sticks his tongue in your mouth? This happened a couple of weeks ago at a new club we joined. It was Grand Opening night and my husband and I started some fun in one of the group rooms. We went in by ourselves and very quickly there were five or six other couples. We were glad to get the party going, and had a couple on both sides of us. One of the couples asked permission to touch and we gladly granted their request. The other couple did not ask, but the touching was fine until the man leaned over and stuck his tongue in my mouth! He did this a couple of times...I was not pleased but did not want to make a big deal of it. Is there a way to avoid uninvited actions by others in a group room? If you can't avoid it...how can you handle it without causing a problem?



Dear (Anonymous),

Usually going into a "group room" implies to others in the room or entering that you are up for anything with anyone.

You may want to try experimenting with private "arranged" group sex with people you know and are comfortable with.

In close quarters with an individual that is doing something that you are uncomfortable with there is nothing wrong with just nicely telling the person" I'm not o.k. with that"

If they don't respect your instructions...then maybe it is time to leave.

If you are uncomfortable being in the room...or with someone in the room...perhaps it is time excuse yourselves and call it a night.

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