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Question: Too close for comfort. What do we do?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Testing limitations

We have been in the lifestyle six months. We meet a couple who has been the lifestyle the same length of time. When we first had sex with the couple we thought it would be one time. The female is Bi and because I am Bi the sexual play was WONDERFUL. Her husband has taken pride in the size of his dick. I have never received an orgasim from him and I donít enjoy playing with him. After the first play this couple now want to see us like family, he no longer wants to ware the condom, he wants us to come over their house anytime, they want us to go to their family events, they are getting to close . Additionally, my husband tells me he does not trust this man in play and we have tried to talk to them to explain to them our boundaries. She calls me her girlfriend and they expect us to play with them exclusively on their time table. If we tell them we have other events to go to or we have other parties to go to they get frustrated and tell us how they do not like our scheduling them. Ghee ,What the heck happened? We are ready to stop this relationship now.



Dear (Anonymous),

If either of you are no longer comfortable playing with a couple...for what ever the reasons...then a break(permanent or temporary) in the relationship is the best option to take.

Playing...exclusive or not...with out wearing a condom and practicing safe sex should never be allowed except between you and your husband. There are way to many risks involved to do with out.

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