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Question: How do I express to my partner that others will find her attractive?

Dear Lounge Advice, We are both new at the playing thing.. We are both very interested in meeting new couples and girls.. the only problem is that my wife is very insecure about her body and thinks that none of the girls or the guys will like her.. or want to be with her... how do i express to her that it will be ok and that everyone will love her and her nice little pussy?

thanks so much the male member of sxycgcouple



Dear (Anonymous),

This sounds like a self esteem problem that your wife is struggling with.
The only one who can truly help her over come this fear is herself.
Our best advice for you is to continually remind her and show her that you personally think she is sexy and hot...no matter what anyone else thinks.

Try to help her understand that everyone has different ideas and views on what is attractive and sexy.

If you go to parties with the expectation of hooking up to play with others then that may be causing unnecessary pressure to your wife.
Just start out by using these parties to make some new friends and if chemistry develops with other couples in the process then your wifes fears may begin to disappear in time.


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