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Lifestyle Sexual Advice
increase a mans semen load size?
How do you get a metal cock ring on?
more sexual advice advice
Lifestyle Etiquette
I'm not sure how I should respond?
worried about him now agreeing to go & us being ignored
more etiquette advice
Relationship Advice
"just give it up, its not going to happen".
we are having trouble with a happy medium
more relationship advice
Friendships, Clubs & More...
It's intimidating, so do you have any suggestions for being more active?
Any suggestion is much appreciated. Take care!
more friendship advice
Lifestyle Sexual Advice
Anal Advice
Anal anxiety
Anal bleaching
Anal bleaching
Anal lube
Anal pain
Anal sex- too painful with hemmorhoids, but hubby still wants it
Can anal sex cause physical problems if done regularly?
FYI- Anal bleaching
How far can we place our tongues inside the anus?
Is anal sex and double penetration taboo in swinging?
Is cumming during anal sex unsafe?
Newbies to Anal!
Preparation for anal
Preparations for Anal Play
Safe Ass to Mouth ?
Sybian anal usage
Tips on Anal Sex from an Anal Porn Actress
'Bi' titles- Which am I?
Bi curious or bi-comfy?
Bi what?
Bi what?
Bisexual dilemmas
Bisexual men- Why do some hide it?
Bisexual vs Bicomfortable
Bisexual- vs. Bi-Comfy
Categories of BI
Curious vs. Comfortable
Difference between bi-curious and bi-comfortable
Having trouble finding a bi couple
How to tell if a girl is bisexusal
Not many bi males out there-How can I explore that?
Question stemming from forum response
The Bi’s the limit ;)
We have tried Bi sites and have not had any luck.
When to call oneself bi and not bi-curious
Advice on breast augmentation
Advice on the need for bigger penises
Bi vs. Bi?
Cock ring got 'stuck' What to do?
Cock Rings
Do penis growth pills work?
How do I regain girth?
How much should I shave?
Jaw soreness- Any exercises?
New and worried about my body
Penile enlargement
Penis Enhancement
Reconstructive surgery- How will this effect our LS?
Am I expecting too much out of swapping?
Another male- How can I get her to try it?
Attracted to a sex partner?
Cheating wife- should I play with her?
Coming and a female's preference
Connections lacking
Contacting women- How forward should I be?
Couple seeking girlfriend
Cuckhold MFM
Did I have an obligation to her husband ?
Do we belong?
Doggie style. No seriously, a dog was there.......
Etiquette for coming during
Finding other straight soft swappers
First time swappers, but cannot figure out a situation that will make us ALL comfy
Friends are a little too forward sometimes. What to do?
Good acquantances seemed to turn cold after play
Hall Pass protocol
Hesitant Swingers
How can my traveling husband get more action?
How do I arrange this?
How do I begin?
How do I get my fire going?
How do we make ourselves more appealing?
How do we move into the next phase after we click with someone?
How should a single girl approach vanilla dates about their lifestyle participation?
How to get a fair shake
I can't seem to relax at functions
Interested in Getting Experience
Invited to play by two couples we liked, then strangers were invited
Is it just us?
Is it me...or is it thee??
Is there a place for me?
It seems the women are just doing this for their partners.
Lipstick Lesbian
Long distance relationship for a short while
Making my hubby feel more included
My wife is looking for the right situation
Nipples or no nipples...how do you feel
No sex, but hot roleplay required
Not feeling equality with play
Not interested anymore
Older couple wondering about continuing opportunities in the LS
Our friend, who already cheated on his wife with us, wants to know how to get her involved
Performance leads to poor relations
Play Bi Play
Single female needs more attention!
Squirting- should I inform people beforehand?
Staying friends without the benefits
Swinger party not what I expected
Taking one for the team
Taking one, two, three...... for the team
Thanks, but No Thanks
Thrust Frequency
To Stay and Play vs. Run
Too soon??
Turning down a couple after an inebriated advance
Uncomfortable situation leaving me wondering whether to pursue further
Wanted: Squirting Ladies
Watching the woman have sex with another man
We played with my friend while his wife wasn't there
We're a couple that is swinging without our spouses' knowledge.
Weight gain and confidence
Why no action?
wondering how to handle separate play as the hubby half
Worried about going all the way, then pulling back to soft swap
Wrapping my head around a threesome
Accustomed to a certain standard of sex, but not finding it.
Am I gay, bisexual or?
Are we weird for not being as adventurous as others?
Comfort zone venturing into full swap
Confort Zones and others trying to push past ours
Couple Looking for Thrills
Did my wife and the man know that the condom came off?
Dry Dick
Enough is enough- How to tell a man
Fresh feelings on a threesome
Frustrated with the lack of sex I'm getting
Frustrated with the sex and not sure what to do at this point
Full swap- first time and having doubts about a 4-way connection
He thinks it is unfair that I get to enjoy males and females
He wants more sex
How do I approach my hubby about playing alone?
How do I deal with the situation w/o ruining hubby's good time?
How do I fulfill her desire for aggressive sex?
How do I get my wife to go farther?
How do I reignite her passions?
How do we tell people that she's not attracted to the other male?
HUGE dry spell- is this normal?
Introducing a partner to the LS
Just met, wondering how to explore together
Making it flow with single males
Masturbation excitement
MMF action
My girl wants to play away from me completely
My husband seems to be returning attraction to any woman who will have him
No orgasms with other partners- only with hubby.
Pacing and smaller penis worries
Role Playing to help with past
Serenity for a Swinger
Spice it UP!
Squirting cannot be forced!
Trade deals
Upset and left the room
Wy does he prefer Porn over real sex?
Anal cleansing
Canker sores from blowjobs
Details, details, details..
Giving oral to uncircumcised men
Going down on a woman with a piercing
Great product for vaginal odor!
Help. Wife is ticklish
How often are oral protection devices used for females?
How will braces effect oral ability?
If my wife allows someone to cum in her mouth,how risky in terms of AIDS?
Infections twice after she went down on me
My boyfriend wants a 2-girl blowjob, but doesn't desire to give any reciprocation.
My wife doesnt like men to cum in her mouth.
Not so fresh- what to do if I can't perform on her?
Oral protection
Pleasing another woman- I'm new and nervous about this
Soft swap entails......
Vaginal smell?
We met a couple who dont have oral sex but we like it.. . should we change what we do?
What is the point of condoms if oral occurs too?
Why do I detest performing oral?
:PE problem:
55 and low sex drive
55 and low sex drive
55 and lowered sex drive
Advice for dealing with performance anxiety issues. Part I
Advice for dealing with performance anxiety issues. Part II
Advice on male performance problems, and would a cock ring help?
Advice on male performance problems.
After baby came, my wife has no more sex drive
After play, I want my wife even more, but she doesn't want to play that much
Am I getting old or mentally tired?
Any suggestions on how to turn my dribbler into a shooter?
Any tips for males who want to cum more quickly
Being the smallest guy in the room- what can I do?
Can you tell us more about sexual stimulants for women that induce orgasms?
Can't perform!
Cock sucking Wife
Continued non-performance of male partners
Convincing the BF to take Viagra
Death of a Condom
Desire lacking as a widower
Divulging impotence
ED goodies
Ed meds
ED meds to assist in prolonged play
ED pills
ED source
Ejaculation problems- Why am I experiencing this?
Enlargement products
Erection treatments after Peyronies diagnosis
Erections- Need help with performance after first ejaculation
Fun while it lasted?
He came from foreplay then left- Did I do something wrong?
Help! The men I'm with always experience erectile disorder!
Herbs for stamina
Hot/Cold Performance...I Want Mine Too ;)
How can I last longer?
How can I prolong my erection?
How can I stay harder longer?
How do I get myself in the mood for guys that aren't my type?
How do I get off?
How do I help hubby's confidence after this bad blow?
Husband is having problems getting an erection during playtime. Any Advice?
I don't always cum during intercourse. Is this a problem?
I find it harder and harder to be pleasured
I have trouble getting an errection with others
Increased cumload.
Increasingly dificult time maintaining erection despite pills
Insecure of the size of my penis when not stimulated
Is there any medication for my wife whose4 sex drive is waning?
Larger cum loads
Levitra vs. Viagra
Loe testosterone treatments
Maintaining Erections during playtime
Male cannot get past ex-girlfriend's hurt
Male enhancments
Male performance anxiety
My husband seems to be having performance anxiety.. what can I do?
My play libido isn't always there, and hubby gets frustrated
New to this and a bit anxious
Not always in the mood
Over 55 libido enhancement advice
Pain in the neck penis!
Penis enlargement products. What works and what doesn't?
Penis rehab
Perceived sexual issues causing a mental effect
Performance after 20 years with spouse
Performance anxiety
Performance anxiety
Performance anxiety
Performance anxiety and feelings of inadequacy
Performance enhancers
Performance issues
Performance issues during swinging
Performance issues on his part are leaving me frustrated
Performance issues overcome!!
Performance problems
Performance question
Performance question
Peter North pills
Plavix vs. the Penis
Porn killed sex drive
Problems maintaining an erection
Problems reaching orgasm during intercourse
Problems staying hard around other males
Sex after Hysterctomy
Sex drive lacking, but girlfriend still wanting
Sex drive non-existent- Anything for females experiencing this?
Sex drive- How do I regain it?
Sexual dysfunction- not normally normal with me. How common is this?
She was very sexy, but I had problems maintaining my erection.
Should I be concerned about my size?
Should I try Viagra or Cialis?
Size worries
Small size and minimal lasting time. What's a girl to do?
Sometimes I have a problem with stamina.
Test boost
Thicker load
Tired penis- Is this a problem, or has it just been overused?
Too much masturbation a bad thing?
Viagra and alternatives
Viagra Source
Viagra Source
Viagra Source
Viagra use
Viagra/Cialias Online Sources
Viagra/Cialis for women?
vitamin V
Vitamin V
Vitamin V
We just started an my husband is having some performance problems.. can you make any suggestions?
What can I about male anxiety issues so I can enjoy myself?
What is the best way to handle a situation when the male part of one of the couples can't perform?
What prescription should I ask my doctor for?
When unsure of the other male's thoughts, I can't get hard!
When we are with others... I have a problem with premature ejaculation.
Where I can purchase viagra online without a doctors prescription
Why is it that men, other than my husband, can't get an erection with me?
Wife more turned on by others
Wife over 50, not interested in sex
Women taking Viagra
Women taking Viagra- Interesting info
Dealing with Jealousy when Playing Separetely
Favorite play partner is gone and I'm crushed.
Getting over cold feet and following through with full swap
How can I convince a woman that I'm ready to commit when I still want to remain in the lifestyle?
How can I watch him with another woman?
How to go into this with an open mind
I need more than just sex... I need some emotional attachment... am I alone?
I overreact when I see my man with another woman
I play alone with other men, but cannot handle when he play with women
I want to see him with another woman, but not sure I'm ready
Iím Sexy and I Know It!
Kissing and jealoushy- What does this mean?
Kissing- I was uncomfortable with the amount during a MFM
My hubby wants to see me with another man but I'm afraid.
My husband think I have developed feeling for a single male, but I haven't.
My wife is hesitant to swing again because of a perceived rejection
Our friends are jealous because we're hitting it off with someone else
Questions on making friends, and developing emotional bonds in the lifestyle.
Reader Tip- Dealing with jealousy during play
Sex, attachment and and the resulting discomfort.
Trusting sexual instincts
Two to Three...Let’s See ;)
Unsure of seeing another man being with my GF
We are new, and have anxieties about being intimate with another couple.
Why didn't it bother me to see my wife swapping for the first time?
Wife having sex with a neighbor made me uncomfortable
Abilities to take a well-endowed man
Are men afraid of older women?
Cuckhold Relationships
Curious about being with a woman, but not sure what to do
Do women get caught up in the big penis hype?
Does a vagina snap back after a big cock?
Drugs or No Drugs
DVP- How to attempt
Exploring the Possibilities of Bisexuality
Extreme sesitivity after orgasm
Finding a female for BF and me
FMF Action
Full vs. soft
Full vs. Soft
G spot orgasms
G spot play!
Handling a cuckhold husband
How big is too big?
How can I get women past the fear of a large package?
How can I learn to squirt?
How do I achieve orgasm while masturbating?
How do I get the female off if I don't like going down?
How do I perform with an uncircumcised male?
How do I please her?
How does a woman orgasm? I mean does she shoot out like men?
How many men for a first gang bang?
How many woman really care about size rather than skill and technique?
HPV + and finding difficulty making matches
I like double penetrations but we play as a couple... how do I ask the other woman?
I'm 18, and my age has raised a concern with recent swing partners.
increase a mans semen load size?
Larger vaginal lips- Is this an issue?
Multiple orgasms in a short period of time- How common is it?
Never had an orgasm
New level of excitement, wanting to recreate
New(bie) Adventures
Not getting full sensation during sex (male)
Orgasming in different positions- Frustrating
Penis size and sensation curiosity
Prostate milking
Rough 3-some
Sex after Hysterectomy
Sex following the 'other guy' with a thicker cock
Sex injury- Will it heal, or should I treat it?
Sexual and social interests section- How is this supposed to be interpreted?
Should I feel weird for liking girl-girl play more than swapping?
Size 'issues'
Spicing up a MMMF evening
Squirting 101
Squirting and peeing ain't the same, folks
Squirting concerns
Squirting- a few questions
Squirting- Can it be learned?
The secret to good blowjobs?
Uncircumsized advice
Vaginal queefs- how common are they and how to fix?
Wat are the physical facts of squirting?
We love to have sex in public and sometimes have people watch.
We want to swing but don't want it to be planned. What to do?
Webcam action?
Wet all the time
What causes the difference in soft vs. hard ratio?
What constitutes a gangbang?
What if you know that YOU are being taken for the team?
What is more intimate?
What is the best position to use for a DP ?
Which act is more intimate?
Why can't I have and orgasm without my legs being straight and having clit stimulation.
Why do men enjoy watching their wives with other men so much
Why do men like to see their women with other men?
Why has my wife changed her mind about wanting to be with girls orally?
Wife has all the fun. What about us guys?
Worried about inability to squirt
Worried about my size
Butt Plug Frustration
Does this make me a cuckold?
Double headed dildo
Electronic toys
How do you get a metal cock ring on?
My wife doesnt like vibrators... how can I get her to like them.
Remote vibrators
Strap on advice for a petite woman.
Strap-ons for the first time wearer
Swinger vs. Open Marriage
Unsure of BDSM and DP semantics
A good lube for use with condoms
Alternatives to latex condoms
Are silicone based lubricants safe to the delicate insides of the vagina?
Cock ring effect?
Condom left inside me
Condom preferences?
Condom with that blowjob?
Condoms that fit
Covering the clit with seran wrap
Do people change condoms between partners?
How do I ease the fear of my Prince Albert?
How do I maintain an erection while using a condom
Is anyone else allergic to condoms?
Is glycerin based lube liable to cause infections?
KY Liquibeads
Landing Strip or smooth?
What about use of condoms amongst circles of friends?
Which condoms are the best?
XL condom recommendations
3-some positions for FMF
All he can focus on is 3-somes
Cool single males
Dificult time making the connection and finding a single female
Finding a quality single male
Finding a single female
Finding a single female
Finding a single female- older and BBW
Finding a SM for an average gal to do a MMF
Finding an exxxtra for his visit into town
Finding another female to join us
Finding other females for my sexual fantasies
Finding the right single male for FWB
FYI from a 'Caught Unicorn'
Having a hard time finding a bi-female for play.
He's not ready to bring home a single male despite our FFM experiences
How do I acclimate my wife to the idea of having another man in bed?
How do I go about interesting my wife in a MMF?
How not to be pushy, but to get her to explor ffm
How to find a lady to fulfill my our fantasy
How to find a single gal for play
I am a single bi female having a difficult time meeting couples.
I can't overcome the nagging voices during a MFM
I'd like my girl to participate in girl-girl
Is it possible to include a single male into our 'coupledom'?
Looking for a quality single male for my wife
Meeting and greeting!
My first MFM- How do I find two men for this as a single female?
My wife told me to find a girlfriend, but how?
New male
New single female and wondering how to go about it!
New single female not sure what to do
Readers- You're going to love this one!
Short-cuts to findind a SF
Should I invite my hubby's ex into our bed?
Single females- How long should we wait?
Single male new to LS
Single male seeking single woman
We're young, and having trouble finding a single female.
What is your advice on finding a single bi-female?
What should we do if we know a LS active couple has an STD?
Where to find females for encounters
Why does my boyfriend want me to have a MFM?
A cost effective way to test regularly for STD's
AIDS from oral sex?
Bacterial infections- how to stop this
Bumps on the penis- What should we do if we noticed this?
Can chlamydia live outside the body?
Can herpes be transmitted during oral sex?
Can STD's still be caught from oral sex?
Cheated, lied, gave my gf an std
Cum produces a painful burning sensation inside of me
Delaying/Masking periods
Does DP increase the chance of a vaginal infection?
Finding a lifestyle friendly physician
Finger banging diseases?
Frequent Antibiotics
Herpes positive and bummed
Herpes positive partner- Just found out
Herpes positive, and unsure of how to inform playmates
Herpes- What are the symptoms
Higher risk of std's from swallowing?
HIV test
How do you make sure no one is carrying a disease
How early can I get a paternity test?
How long before sex should you use an enema
How often should lifestylers get tested?
How to delay your period
How to mask my period
How to we address the
How worried should we be about STD's?
HPV- How to handle the lifestyle with an infection
Hysterectomies and squirting
I am ashamed of my Hemorrhoids... is this a problem?
I have an STD, but my hubby wants us to continue swinging
I think I may have gotten herpes.
Infections after swapping?
Infections- How prevalent are they in the LS?
Is a condom really necessary?
Is it neccesary for men to switch condems between partners?
Is there a pill you can take to delay my period during attending an Event?
Is there life in the lifestyle after contracting herpes?
Is there vaginal burning with a yeast infection or just itching?
Latex allergies
Long periods- How can I fix this?
Loss of sensitivity
Manifestation of Genital Herpes
Masking your period
Medical precautions before entering the LS
Molluscum Contagiosum
My g/f is getting repeated infections
My husband and I have noticed that on every swinger site, about 85% of the people
My period is coming at un unwelcome time.
No condoms- How should I handle these men?
Odds of std from oral?
Odors and getting rid of them
Oral and Condoms
Oral protection for hiring a professional
Oral sex w/o a condom- STD chance?
Period at a REALLY bad time. How do I mask it??
Period- masking it for playtime
Playing during that time of month
Playing on the fringes
Playing on the fringes
Pregnant and still wish to swing
Pregnant but still wishing to play
Preventing my period
Proof of being disease free
Questions about the risk of transmitting diseases.
Requesting STD tests
Risk of STDs
Sex during that time of the month
Share and Share Alike
She is more than likely going to have her monthly visitor during this weekend and is wondering if we should even attend a swingers club?
Should I still go to an event if I have my period?
Should we chance it with someone who carries an STD?
Should we hold off on partying until our baby is born?
Should we resign if we have HPV?
Soft swap encounters are causing constant infections
STD info/stats
STD's and fantasy fulfillment
STD's- Worried about catching them
STD- Possibility from oral
STD- We think a friend has one and is passing it on
STDs and Honesty
Tell, or not?
Testing for STD's- How to ask the Doc
Thinking of moving to next level with friend who is herpes +
Uh O...the condom broke. Other than waiting for my period do you have suggestions?
UTI advice
UTI- always after play! Why?
UTIs after sexual encounters
Viagra...Online vs. Doctors Appts
We think this couple made up stories about latex allergies to avoid using condoms.
What are the risks of STD's via oral sex?
What do I do about my period?
What do people do about protecting themselves from herpes?
Yeast infection or something else?
Yeast infection-can I stop it soon enough?
Yeast infections- Tired of getting them!
Curious about full swap, but unsure of what to do if we don't like it partway through
Group outing- What should be the expectation of having sex?
How to view only soft swappers
My straight wife excludes any couple with a bi woman
Needing to be needed
Our playmates want an orgy with us and their playmates, but we're not attracted to their playmates
Should I ask him to refrain from coming with the other woman?
Should I warn play partners that I squirt during orgasms?
Soft swap
Soft swap defined
Sorry we proceeded while after the other wife got sick
To Play or Not to Play
When to cum in a foursome
10 years celebration article
Calling black men N****** during sex, at their request.
MAKING the wife ready for swapping
My brother accidentally had sex with me
No heels, or heels and tower over him?
North Alabama Booty Call
Stretching new muscles.
Unicorn Training