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Lifestyle Sexual Advice
How do you get a metal cock ring on?
Does this make me a cuckold?
more sexual advice advice
Lifestyle Etiquette
I'm not sure how I should respond?
worried about him now agreeing to go & us being ignored
more etiquette advice
Relationship Advice
How can I move this beyond dirty talk?
there is never enough time….
more relationship advice
Friendships, Clubs & More...
Any suggestion is much appreciated. Take care!
TWO sexy, hot, bi-curious females to engage in a fun and exciting one night stand
more friendship advice
Lifestyle Etiquette
A couple shows interest in us in person.. but wont return emails... how do we know how they feel?
After a sexual uncounter, the couple's husband invited me out with him, without his wife
Another couple is telling others we don't play
Another woman took my husband outside and screwed him behind my back
Any tips for continued online communication?
Are there any non-verbal signs we should know about at clubs?
Are there couples who's will be understanding to the newcomers fears?
Asking couples to play with the wife only
Best way for a single male to introduce himself.
Breaking boundaries- should I stress this to my wife?
Broken rule
Can I ask my hubby if I can play with the couple if he's not interested in the woman?
Confused and cut him off.
Couples ask me to play alone.
Crossing the line- My wife is giving her number to men at bars
DD free?
Dealing with unbalanced communication
Difficulty communicating and unsure about this LS
Disclosing HSV status
Do's and don'ts of the LS
Drama Alert! Tuck in yer balls people!
Drunk woman- how do we say we're uncomfy
Established boundaries- are we doing something to offend?
Excessive texting between hubby and swing partner
Excessive touching and attention to other women
Hall Pass Etiquette
Handing out rejection kindly
He invited another woman on our couples date
Honesty is the Best Policy
Honesty vs. Vague Truths
How can I ask her about taking an aids test without demeaning her?
How could we have handled this differently?
How do I change her mind about kissing rules?
How do I handle a man who won't let up?
How do I handle excessive alcohol use?
How do I let someone know that they're not being sanitary?
How do I tell him that I don't like his girl toys sleeping over with him?
How do we find a non-shaved woman?
How do we garner more interest?
How do we improve our chances?
How do we know if another couple is interested in my husband or not? Part I
How do you ask someone to play?
How do you deal with a possessive couple?
How do you deal with a problem couple?
How do you know if the other couple is disease free?
How do you tell someone to wait without turning them off?
How explicit do we have to be when we discuss our boundries with other couples?
How often should I call them ?
How should I write an e-mail to couples showing my interest?
How to deal with someone who is lying about you
How to deal with uninhibited and risque lifestyle behaviour in public venues when it makes us feel uncomfortable.
How to have other couples respect and adhere to your rules for playing.
How to tackle suspected posers.
I am a single professional who travels a lot.. is it inappropriate of me to write others.. or should I just sit back and wait...?
I don't want kissing during our play!
I'm receiving a chilly reception from other mens' wives. Help!
Ignored rule
Interracial Friendly?
Introductions into the Lifestyle
Is asking my boyfriend to give oral to another man unacceptable?
Is it rude to rule out non V-safe individuals for play?
Just curious about email response.
Language barrier cock block
Misunderstanding has led to being a target
My friend is flirting WAY too much
My woman is doing things that I'm not comfortable with
Need a woman's POV
New and wondering how to meet others
New to the site and wanting to be there if hubby is fooling around- Am I unreasonable?
Not interested anymore- How do I tell my significant other?
Not returning emails and... How do you deal with it when 1/2 of the couple is new and uncomfortable?
Nudity and children
Our first experience was a disaster.. did we do anything wrong?
Possible correspondence with my hubby's ex- not sure if it's her
PTSD:What can I do to help make events more consistently enjoyable for me
Reaching out to friends
Requesting to see password photos
Selective and seeking
Sex with her best friend's brother? Good idea or not?
She told her husband that my man is 'small' and we're very hurt
Should I be hurt?
Should we ask them if there is a problem?
Should we be setting groundrules before contacting others?
Should we contact other members ?
Should we talk to them about our concerns?
Should we warn others about our experiences?
Single female seeking the unusual
Sketchy communication
Smear campaign
Smokers making me sick- should I tell them?
Some women say they are bisexual but how do you find out what they actually do?
Strong vaginal odor- How do I tell my wife?
Talking about sex candidly early in conversation
Telling others about people with STD's.
The 'ol bait and switch- How to avoid
The male of the couple is a bit immature in his approach
Transitioning into a new relationship arrangement
Upsetting or alienating a contact's partner- how to avoid
Was her text inappropriate?
We are not into rushing into bed with others.. are we off?
We aren't comfortable about having full blown sex with other people, but don't want to be shunned.
We demand safe sex, but sometimes they don't. What do we do?
We found out after the fact that the male in a couple we were with is bi... now we dont want to go there again.. how do we handle this?
We met a great couples, had great sex, but we think things were too rushed to enjoy?
We set our rules and he broke them the first time out.
We think our single male friend is telling people that we are having a relationship.. what should be do?
We think we know them
We want to be intimate with her, but not him.
We want to begin to explore by watching others.. is that considered rude?
We were interested in them, but we found out that we already know them!
What do you do if other couples start talking badly about you?
What do you think about bending our swinging rules in order to find more play partners?
What do you think about couples with the
What if we run into them at a club or party ?
What is a
What is your advice on rumors about other couples?
Which way do I go next?
Who can I trust as friends?
Who is talking- the male or female?
Who makes first contact more, the male or female?
Will our rules limit our potential play partners?
As a man, when do I know I am too old to have fun with younger females?
Asking for covering of costs
Bay Area Booty Call
Booty Call incompletions
Booty call- etiquette?
Booty Call- What is the etiquette?
Damage Control
Do larger women get dates?
Good LS friends always want to party and hook up with just us
Goody bag items?
Hall Pass
Having trouble finding dates on LL
Having trouble meeting people
he brings a prostitute with him as his partner is this acceptable in the lifestyle?
House party invite
How common is the hump and dump mentality?
How do I best mix into the scene as a single guy ?
How do we begin?
How to Booty Call and not lure our friends out all the time
How to find a couple with my wife's permission
Husband shows up
If you make arrangements to meet another couple, do you split the bill?
Is it rude for of someone to ask me to meet without my husband?
Is race playing a part in our progress?
Just starting out
Looking for More Action
My date made me wait for 2 hours w/no apology
My wife is very upset about being found out locally
New and low success thus far
New to online dating
No luck- Is this due to race?
Non Ken/Barbie types looking to meets others
seeking to find cuckold situations in real life…
Setting up Booty Calls while traveling
Should we bring the hostess a gift?
Single woman unsure of how to proceed safely
Threesome Frolic
Unicorns Wanted
We didn't show up- wondering if this is affecting us negatively
We met a single bi fem ... but she is married and hubby doesnt know anything about this...
What should we wear
Who pays the dinner bill?
Afraid of being recognized at a lifestyle event
Asking others to play- How to do it.
Asking someone for proof on STD free
Breaking the ice
Breaking the ice to play- who should lead?
Do we just assume people are disease free or how do you approach this topic?
Etiquette for meeting a male for MFM
Going too slow?
he said he'd help with the hotel cost, but didn't
How can we get them to let us in on their fantasies?
How do approach our single male about splitting the cost of a room?
How do I convince women who hit on me to come home to my wife and I?
How do I invite the female to play?
How do I screen people without using this website frequently?
How do we approach another couple without seeming too pushy?
How do we approach the topic of wanting to play?
How do we get people talking at parties?
How do we know if another couple is interested in my husband or not? Part II
How do we make couple feel more at ease around us?
How do we make sure both individuals from a couple are interested and not just one.
How do we meet couple who aren't established?
How do you bring up the acutal question about playing?
How should I set this up for my wife?
How to handle a first meeting with a couple or single
I am desperate to figure out how to solve this new concern
I only want the female
Looking for some singles
Meeting for first time but now they are bringing a single male along...what to do?
Meeting for friendships and NOT for sex right now!
Men not wanting to do oral
New and wondering
New to this and nervous about my first party
Newbie expectations
Newbies wondering how to bring up the swing subject to others
One way street dilemma
Overcoming extreme shyness in social situations
Perhaps I just want to know your opinion and if you agree that their behavior was rude?
Pushy male continues to make advances
Should I reveal beforehand that I am extremely well endowed?
Slow progress so far
Someone I didn't know was entirely too forward
Starting out
The proper way to meet new friends
They never offer to pay for the drinks- what to do?
Very Nice to Meet You
We have a hard time initiating the physical act.. any suggestions?
What is the best way for my wife to follow through with her excitement of being with another woman?
What is the best way to approach a couple we are interested in?
What is the typical way to first meet?
What to talk about when out on a 'date'
Who should initiate the first move sexually?
worried about him now agreeing to go & us being ignored
A Voyeur
All in...or pause button
Asking ladies about 'receiving' preferences during BJ's
Broken Rules or MisCommunication?
Can you help us with some
Condom Etiquette
Condoms were laid out by both of us, but he barebacked her anyways
cream pies
Dealing with a woman who is 'not so fresh'
Dealing with more girl-girl and less full swap action
Did I violate a 'length of playtime' rule?
Ending play if things get weird
Exhibitionism :)
Finding out how promiscous another couple is
He wants to play but I do not- What is fair?
His bad B.O. turns me off during oral sex
House swapping
How do I let the ladies know that it's that time of the month?
How do we get people to leave at the end of the night?
How do we handle less than fresh ladies?
How do we make sure nobody feels left out?
How do you stop playing when you're not having fun or something about the other couple is bothering you?
HPV- spilling the beans
I just don't want us perceived as bed post notchers!
In a 3sum with another man, is there proper ettiquite to tell him it is ok to fuck me?
Is it appropriate to kiss and cuddle with your swapping partner?
Is it okay for us to split up and play?
Is there a proper way to stop playing if things are not going well.
Lack of being approached
MFM when the other F was asleep
My wife doesn't come during play with others
Nipple fluid?
Not comfortable in a group sex room..what to do?
Not getting my fair share
Not getting my fair share II
Oral Sex Condoms
other wives get turned off, jealous, and annoyed
Party Time ;)
Playing and leaving shortly afterwards- Rude?
She's not fresh! What to do?
Should I ask the partner before playing?
Should I keep going if the other husband can't get an erection?
Should I tell his wife he tried to do me w/o a condom?
Should we do a threesome w/her behind her fiancee's back?
Squirter has me worried!
Squirting concerns
The man of a couple grabbed my husband's crotch unexpectedly
Too early for action?
Vaginal odor- What to do if the other women seems unfresh
Was I wrong to stand my ground about condoms?
Wheelchair/Walker- Will we be accepted?
A 'couple' profile turned out to be a self-admitted cheating male
Am I allowed to be on LL and will others understand I am part of a couple but seeking adventures on my own?
Are some albums Photoshopped?
Asking to prove we exist as a couple is insulting.
Bookmarking interesting couples
can you give me any suggestions based on my profile why I might not be getting any connections?
Checking read mail
Female dominated photos
Female unsure of classification
Finding other members
Getting Noticed
Getting Noticed
Going from being a couple to a single male and Picture Posting Etiquette.
How do I use this website to find someone?
How do I get more attention?
How do I get noticed?
How do we get more people to view our profile?
I'm not getting any responses
My hubby does not want to submit photos to validate, which makes it very hard for us
New and wondering how to interact
No responses
Not getting many hits- What should we do to improve our chances?
Photo comments
Private pic viewing etiquette
Profile changes
Profile personality for single males- make yourself stand out!
Profile review- What are we doing wrong?
Profile text thieving
Questionable profile
Rated and real-sealed without any encounters yet
Real Seal action
Real seal concerns
Real Seal Question
Reluctant to post pics
Single male NOT like his pictures at all
Stating interest in LTR- yes or no?
Trying to improve, but getting no respect
Username okay?
Verifying that photos of members are real
We are both new to this....
We are taking a break from the Lifestyle.. what should we say in our profile?
What are we doing wrong?
What to do when their pictures don't really look like them?
Why not more pics of the men in most profiles?
Wish List
A couple made plans with us, cancelled, then went out with someone else!!
After seeing their pictures realized that there was no physical attraction.
Blocked- Should we try to ask them why they have us blocked?
Blown off twice after one encounter
Declining a friend's attempt to match me up
Disappearing act- A couple drove off while we were following them to the next club.
Etiquette for turning down requests for repeat play
Giving out Rejections..Not interested in being anything more than friends.
How can I be honest without hurting their feelings?
How do I say I'm not interested, without hurting their feelings?
How do politely say
How do we deal out rejection?
How do we let them know we don't want to play again?
How do we tell a couple that we dont wish to play anymore?
How do we tell long term playmates that we no longer want to play with them?
How do we tell our friends we're not interested in sex?
How do we tell them we no longer wish to play?
How do you reply to emails of people you are not interested in?
How do you respond to an Interracial couple who you are not interested in?
How do you tell a couple that there is no sexual attraction?
How do you tell a couple you are not interested after reading about them?
How to politely say no to playing with another couple, because you are only interested in one half of the couple.
How to turn down friends who want the benefits too
How to turn others down
How to turn someone down
I want to move forward but dont with to hurt my close friend who may have expectations.
Infection souring further dates
Is it considered rude for my wife to not want to play with someone's husband?
Not interested in a couple and they're not taking the hint
Not into you, but how do I tell you?
Polite way to convey that you're not a match
Rejection- Will others handle it well?
She is attracted to my man, my man is attracted to her, her man is attracted to me, but I am NOT attracted to him. What should I do?
Should we try to work it out with the other couple ?
The awkward unwanted pursuit after a few play sessions.
Too close for comfort. What do we do?
Turning down play offers
We have become good friends with a couple... but are not interested in playing with them anymore... how do we tell them?
We have become very close friends with another couple, but do not wish to play with them anymore. How do we tell them?
We meet couples we are not attracted to.. but want to remain friends...How do you tell them?
We're not interested in play with our friends anymore- How to break the news?
What is your advice for avoiding awkward situations when you aren't interested in a couple?
What would your response be to those we are not interested in
A few questions...
Advice for single males
Advice for single males.
Advice to single males.
Approaching others as a single male
As a single male, what is the best way to get into the lifestyle?
As a SM, should I send a thank you for the 3-some experience?
As a transgender male, what do you think my chances are of finding a female to join me in the lifestyle?
Attending a party with a date- being questioned
Best way to meet a single male for a MFM
Dress code
Follow up e-mail etiquette
General advice for single males
Getting noticed
Horrible experience with a single male
How do we find a decent single male
how does a new member who is a single male meet local couples in his area?
How to approach?
How to find a single bi female to join me in the LS
How to make single male play happen again
How to overcome the single male stereotype
I am a single male and thought I did the right thing with a couple.. can you make suggestions in this situation?
I want to get involved, but have a hard time.
I'm a single male- Is there something wrong with us?
I'm married and a single male is not respecting this
Is it hopeless for a single male?
Is this site just for couples and SF's?
Jealous single male
Male playing single with wife's consent
Married Male
Married single looking to swing without wife
Needing more attention
New single male needs advice
Not being allowed to view certain profiles as a single male
Recently split- starting out again.
Seeking a LS friendly partner
Should we ask for references from a single male?
Single and searching a partner in crime.
Single guy looking to get certified
Single guy wondering what to do
Single looking to meet others
Single male
Single Male advice
Single Male advice
Single male groups?
Single Male Invites
Single male just starting out
Single male looking for advice
Single male looking to get into the scene
Single male looking to get involved
Single male looking to meet new people
Single male needs advice
Single male new
Single male seeking
Single male seeking Real Seal
Single male seeking swinging partner
Single male starting out
Single male starting out
Single male starting out
Single male that is actually married
Single Male validation
Single male validation
Single male wanting better odds
Single male wondering why I can't get laid
Single male wondering why I'm not getting much play
Single male, getting started
Single Male- How to conduct myself successfully?
Single male- Trying to rejoin the LS after many years
Single Men, This is a Turnoff !!
Size and standards
Small. Soft, and free to run off. Sadly,, it wasn’t a kitten
SMS - Single Male Syndrome
Sngle Male looking for help
The best way for a single male to contact couples
What Events or Clubs are single males allowed to attend?
What is the best way for a single man to enter into this lifestyle
What is the best way for single man find a couple to play with?
What's the etiquette for approaching single men for myself?
Young Guy starting out
Young single male starting out
10year celebration-Finding a single woman
Alerting other to behavior of a single female
As a single female, I feel like an invited guest
Best way to meet single women
Calling All Unicorns
Finding single females
How does a single female handle the LS on her own for the 1st time?
How to approach a female for a 3some
How to get the elusive single bi-fem (pay close attention)
I am a straight single female.. are there any couples that would be interested in me?
I have a single male friend that I play with
Is it inappropriate for us to advertise for a SF to accompany us?
Is the search for a SF futile?
It is really hard to find a single serious female to play with . We are really new to the lifestyle, any idea where to look ?
Just starting out... how do we find a single bi fem.
Lied to be married man- wife found out
Looking for the Unicorn
Meeting single women
New single female to the scene- How to start?
New to this and unsure of how to proceed
Newly single female to the scence
Newly single unicorn
Pursuing a single female
SF being bugged for real seals
SF breaking the ice
Short cuts to getting a single female for play
Single female asking essential questions
Single female looking for a single male partner
Single female seeking others to go out with
Single female unsure of how to deal with couples sometimes
Single female wondering how to proceed
Single female- How not to feel like a 3rd wheel
Single females- how are they perceived?
Single lady looking for a first experience
The formula for snagging a unicorn
Unicorns in the Lone Star State
Unicorns Rising
Wanting a FMF- As a single female, how do I arrange it?
Wanting to give my boyfriend the FMF fantasy
Wanting to take a less passive role as a SF
What is a single female's motivation?
another member added us to their wishlist. Very nice, but what now...?
Being the star of someone's blog and not wishing to be
Best way to contact others
Best way to make an introduction
Best ways to use this site
Can we post pics of others from a party in the event section?
E-mail sent then unsent
Easy Certification
Etiquette for wishlisting and whitelisting
Getting Noticed
How to ask someone to blur out our faces
How to respond to wish lists
I Like What I Like
IM etiquette
Inexperienced at meeting people online
Judge of Character vs. Real Seal
New and not getting responses
New to site and seeking
No answer to emails
No one responds
One night encounter- no correspondence afterwards
Our e-mail was posted in the forums
Post play Etiiquette
Posting others' photos without permission
Should I contact the member who invited me here?
Should I give him the real seal?
Should I return wishlists?
Should we or shouldn’t we include our faces.
someone took my photos and gave them to another person. What can I do to prevent this?
Testimonial returns- What is the common practice?
Testimonial- Should I leave it up for someone who stood me up?
Testimonials- Tricks to writing
The male half is posing as the female in the forum. What should I do?
To Block or not to Block
Trying to IMpeople
What do we do if some members add us to their wish list?
What is the protocol related to the wish list?
Whose Checking Me Out!
Why are people non-responsive and/or rude?
Why do people just delete and email instead of replying and saying they are not interested?
Why don't people respond?
Wish list?
Wishlist etiquette
Wishlist- not ready yet
Would it be wrong to e-mail them back and tell them that they are rude?
Asked if we were swingers at a vanilla bar
Could you suggest a way for us to find out if our friends would be interested without embarrassing them or us?
How do we ask our friends if they are in the lifestyle?
How do you approach a non-swinging friend that you are insterested in her sexually?
How to find out if a 'regular' someone is into swinging
How to find out if vanillas are interested in the lifestyle
I'm not sure my friend is ready for this- How do I help him?
Meeting vanilla friends in the LS
Vanilla turning Chocolate
We are attracted to our vanilla neighbors
10 Years of Advice-A Resurrection
Age perceptions
Hot wife playing matchmaker for her boytoy
I am seeking dirty sex, like pissing on each other. Am I asking too much? And will woman really want to to explore this act as part of sex?
Married male posing as a single is saying false things about us
Married man looking for 'teacher'
Photos depicting those who potentially don't know they'll be posted on a LS site
Playing with a commited (but not married) couple. What do we do?
undescended testicle
We were at a club, and I found that I had my period...
Tell me how I can speed things up a little.