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Lifestyle Sexual Advice
increase a mans semen load size?
How do you get a metal cock ring on?
more sexual advice advice
Lifestyle Etiquette
I'm not sure how I should respond?
worried about him now agreeing to go & us being ignored
more etiquette advice
Relationship Advice
How can I move this beyond dirty talk?
there is never enough time….
more relationship advice
Friendships, Clubs & More...
Any suggestion is much appreciated. Take care!
TWO sexy, hot, bi-curious females to engage in a fun and exciting one night stand
more friendship advice
Relationship Advice
Approaching her about taking it past soft swap
Are there people who can't handle this lifestyle?
Being on the same page
Boundary Breach
Communication- Confused about a cloudy scenario
Do I tell him I'm Bi?
Falling in love with someone other than your partner
Feeling disrespected
Going off the Reservation
Good intentions- No follow through
How can I be sure hubby is comfortable with me playing separately?
How can I get him to include me in playtime with others?
How do get back to our original intent for getting into the LS?
How do I express to my partner that others will find her attractive?
How do I know if she's taking me for the team?
How do I make her see that she is the only one, despite the LS?
How do I reel him back in or can I?
How do we deal with financial troubles and the lifestyle?
How do we handle a single woman who wants to correspond with my husband without me knowing
How do you know if the
How will swinging affect us?
Hubby likes to film, but gets frustrated b/c he doesn't get much action
Husband is concerned, but does not communicate well
I am confused by her mixed signals
I did not realize that the other man was being too aggressive to the point of hurting my wife physically.
I played along even though I didn't want to.
I want more from my Master Daddy
I was violated during swapping and my partner didn't seem to motice
I'm a single girl who loves the lfiestyle, but loves to date men and women too...what to do?
I'm a virgin and my b/f doesn't know
I'm not comfortable with him playing with single females alone
I'm not into the couple scene anymore, but feel selfish only wanting 3-somes
I'm uncomfortable attending parties.What should I do?
I'm very uncomfortable with his pursuits of a coworker
In a 'loose' type of marriage, wondering if I should branch out
Is is easy for you to stand by your swinging rules in the heat of wild passion?
Is there a better way to negociate this mine field?
Lifestyle analogy
LS questionaire
Mixed signals
My boyfriend says he wants to experiment in the Lifestyle but then makes excuses.
My hubby likes to watch me with other men.. but its not enjoyable for me.. what should I do?
My husband completely disregarded me.
My husband told me to go alone to a swingers get togther. But now after the fact he is upset with me.
My wife expresses herself better around strangers than friends
My wife has a MFM fantasy, but when the situation presents itself for real, she says no.
My wife is hinting about lifestyle related activities.. how do I approach her with this?
My wife likes to post revealing pictures on the net.
My wife wants to be with another woman... but she is very shy... any suggestions?
Not sure how to approach my husband
Partner logging into LL and denying it
Play time problems and disagreements
Rules require honesty and validation
Same room rule- broken
She broke all the rules and I don't know where to go from here
She's vanilla..should I tell her I swing?
Should I be afraid of losing our relationship if we start swinging?
Should I tell about my involvement in the lifestlye after one date?
Should we tell his fiancee that he's asking my wife for sex?
Talking with my partner about my preferences- How can we do it without offending one another?
This isn't my scene!
Wanting to be wanted
Watching- Hubby isn't turned on by watching me with other men
We are fighting over our own swinging rules that she broke.
What if my husband is having fun and I am not attracted to the man at all.. what do I do?
What is your advice on how to get back into swinging?
What say you?
When my wife drinks too much at lifestyle functions, she doesn follow our agreed upon rules.
Wife sends conflicting signals about LS related activities
Will the lifestyle
Will this lifestyle enhance or destroy?
Will this LS put our marriage at risk?
After the breakup- how to handle being at the same venues
Are we entering this too soon?
Are we getting to close to this couple?
As a female, how do I deal with feelings of jealously?
Broken Hearted
Confused about another relationship I'm in outside of my marriage
Confused about feeling conveyed
Did I overreact?
Difficulty seeing my boyfriend please others
Easing back into the LS without jealousy
Emotional attachments- I cannot handle my husband E.A. with another woman
Feeling uneasy about seeing my husband enjoying another
Feelings of Jealousy
Getting rid of the past
Guilt- How to deal
Guilty about playing with other men
Handling jealousy as the GF of a couple
His ex-girlfriend showing up at same parties- How to deal
How do I ease the anxiety about the Lifestyle
How do I explore the LS while keeping my jealousy in check?
How do I help my wife overcome some of her emotional misgivings about the lifestyle?
How do you deal with a lack of self esteem?
Hubby wants an emotional connection with partners
Husband and threesome partner are always talking. Is this a problem?
I always [almost]feel lonely
I am starting to feel insecure while my wife is not.. how should I handle this?
I can't stop feeling insecure about this situation. What do I do?
I feel guilty about thinking of a MMF for my wife.
I had a bad experience and my husband was not even paying attention.. now I feel horrible.. HELP !
I have a hard time watching my husband kiss another women.
I hurt by his admittance of attraction to another woman
I love him but he's stil not over his ex
I love my partner, but he doesn't love me. Is this for us?
I miss my girlfriend- What should I do?
I was violated extensively during swapping and my husband doesn't seem to care.
I'm in love with a married woman.
I'm uncomfortable with the closeness my hubby has developed with her
Insecure about wife's actions with other men vs. me
Insecurities about my man's profession
Insulted for no reason?
Intimidated by other beautiful women on LL
Is he hitting spots I will never be able to hit
Is it harmful or weird to
Is something I could do??
Jealousy- How do I deal with it?
kept for memories....?
Lack of sex at home is leading to a self-esteem issue
Love unreciprocated
My boy toy is confusing me
My friend has become VERY attached to another's hubby
My husband doesn't think he could handle seeing me with another man.
My wife had a bad experience in the lifestyle before.. how to I calm her fears now?
My wife let another man cum in here, and it hurt me
Not prepared for what happened
Rebounding or the real thing?
Sick feeling
To keep him from cheating on me........
Unsure of why my BF is with me
Vanilla girlfriend, possibly a sex partner, is making me uneasy
We are considering quitting the Lifestyle as we are begining to feel a little jealous feelings... what should we do.
We need Help!
What are some ways to investigate the lifestyle to help me get more comfortable with the idea?
What do I do if my wife worries I will find someone I like better than her in the lifestyle?
What would YOU have done if???
Why can't I just give up the controlling way I am and make it easy and fun??
Wife doesn't want to swing anymore after a perceived attachment
Wife feels insecure around other pretty women
Wife is upset about my communication with a dancer, but she approved
A dificult choice
After our first sexual experience with others my wife is feeling badly about what we did.
Alleviating my wife's fears about her body
Am I having normal reactions?
Approaching the experience again
Being bi in a monogamous relationship
Buyer's remorse
Dipping the proverbial toes into the lifestyle
Do you feel it is a good idea for a couple who are in a long distance relationship to be active in the lifestyle?
Emotional attachments
Emotional Feelings
Fantasizing about my swap partner too much is confusing me
Feeling a bit jealous of him chatting with a new couple
Finding a swing partner
Getting past jealousy
Girl-Girl only playing... are we the only ones?
Going through growing pains
Harmless, or out of bounds?
He is in such better mood when we are active in LL
He was having fun, but I wasn't.
He's never satisfied.. I just don't get it..
He's upset with me b/c I can't find a single female
Help! His feelings have gotting out of control with another female we have played with, now I am freaking out!
Honeymoon stage and wondering how to handle it
How can I gently persuade him to seriously consider the idea of swinging
How can I get my wife to open up about her bi-sexuality again?
How can I move this beyond dirty talk?
How can I overcome the anxiety of the thought of full swapping
How can this decadent/questionable lifestyle can make a relationship stronger.
How do I help her enjoy this more?
How do I help hubby along so I can have some LS fun?
How do I let her know that I need reassurance?
How do I nudge my wife back into the LS?
How do you deal with the feeling of guilt when full swapping?
How do you know if you and your partner are ready for full swapping?
How do you know when the time is right to switch from soft swap to full swap?
How should I get used to being in the LS as a couple now?
How to relieve anxiety of newness
I feel that my wife gets to have all the fun, and I get nothing.
I like this guy, but what are his intentions?
I may be having feelings for our single male playmate.
I want my hubby to share the same excitement I'm having
I'm tired of taking it for the team.
In love with the woman we're playing with
Insecurities and other issues getting in our way
Is she ready??
Is size really a factor between couples looking for erotic adventure?
Is this worth a divorce?
It could be a dealbreaker....
My girlfriend is willing to check it out the lifestyle, but is scared it may ruin our relationship.
My hubby seems to never want sex with me!
My husband is bold and uninhibited, I am not. How can I overcome this and be more agressive?
My husband is more intimate with others than he is with me.
My husband wants to please everyone at my expense.
My wife complains of few encounters after setting very picky standards
My wife has indicated she was bi.. but changed her mind... and now says she may do it if she is drunk.
My wife is a bit unsure about meeting people online.
My wife is a bit shy about this- how do we get past this
My wife is so overly critical of people's profiles, any suggestions to calm her fears or just wait?
My wife only seems excited when someone else is with us
My wife says she cannot find men that she finds attractive.
My wife seems open about this LS...how do I plant the seeds?
My wife seems to be more interested in a play partner than our relationship
My wife sleeps with others, then takes no interest in me
My wife wants to swing but she thinks she is to overweight.
My wife's interest in a single man is concerning me.
No sex drive at home, no problems while swinging
Not a couple, but venturing into the LS together
Not respecting my limits
Our rules are very limiting (no oral for men) is that rare?
Our sex life is almost nonexistent
Overzealous hubby overwhelming me
Planning conception and considering continuation in the LS
Please Communicate Desires
Push the issue or let it go?
Ready or not?
Reciprocity and Jealousy
Serious negative feelings in this LS
She is getting close to a man and I need advice
She is the only one who play- She doesn't feel comfortable letting me join in
She isn't confident about her body anymore
She seems to like it, but she gets insecure
She was interested in this and now she's not. I'm confused!
She's backing away from the LS
Should I try and find couples without bi-females for my partner?
Since my wife quit drinking she has lost interest in women, how can I get her interested again?
Single female wondering how to 'date' in the LS
SM looking for partner
Sugar Baby!
Taking it one step at a time
Texting between my partner and another woman has become excessive
The lifestyle helps my husband 'get in the mood for me'.
Threesome with a less than appealing member
Tired of kissing frogs and getting my feelings hurt everytime.
To Swing or Not to Swing...
Too much emphasis on the LS?
Trying 'play alone'
Unsure about venturing into this
We are both ready to jump into the lifestyle, but my wife still has apprehensions.
We are both straight, but I would like to see her with another woman.
We are experimenting with fantasies, my wife got hers, but is getting cold feet about mine.
We are worried that we may be too exclusive with another couple.
We had a bad time at one club... now Im having a hard time getting my wife to try another.
We have decided to leave the lifestyle, should we also leave the site?
We have great sex, but he still masturbates a lot. Why?
We have had some bad experiences thus far and are hesitant to try again. Help !!
We have had some soft swap experiences.. but I am begining to question why we are doing this.. can you help me?
We want to develop relationships, not just a quick romp.
We were with a single fem and my husband was only with her and not me.. I feel cheated !
We're on again, off again. Is the LS a good idea?
What do I do with my feelings after we left our 'safe zone'?
What happens if another couple is becoming too attached to us?
What should I do when my girlfriend decribes a sexual fantasy during lovemaking, but afterwards, when I ask her if she really wants that, she says no?
What's stopping us from getting into the LS?
Why is my husband afraid to admit that a woman is attractive?
Wife more interested in other couple's wife than I am
Wife not wanting lead-up, just interest and action
Will an advanced 4-way relationship work?
Will my husband allow a man to be part of our play eventually?
Wondering how to handle his interest in this
X Unicorn
Complicated Interactions
Hall Pass
Hall Pass Question
Hall Pass?
My wife wants to swap and date seperately.. is that wise?
My wife wishes to be alone with another couple.. is this normal for a first time.
Turnover rate- turning 3-somes into permanent relationships
We are considering an open relationship.
Wife keeps skirting the boundaries
Wife not into this- going solo
Woman on a hall pass not having much luck with correspondence
After a potential split-up, what are the odds of finding a LS partner?
Broken friendship b/c of apparent lifestyle rule breach
Cheating despite professing undying love
Fessing up to a newbie mistake (it happens)
He wants another sub
How do I get my wife back after our fight?
How do we deal with a damaged reputation?
How do you deal with sensitivities and hurt feelings between each other?
How to deal with my reluctance and regret from allowing my wife to swing alone with another couple?
Husband seems to have lost interest in me suddenly
I don't want to lose my idiotic man O.o
I feel like I'm coming in 2nd place to the lifestyle
I feel that letting her go would be the best thing..
I found out that my wife has been swinging, hooking, and making XXX films behind my back.
I played alone without Hubby, should I tell him?
I'm torn up about what happened with us
Lifestyle friendly marriage counselor
LS Counselors
LS friendly counselor
Marriage counseling recommendation
Marriage counselor in AZ
My girlfriend is treating me like her dog
My wife completely crossed our boudaries.
My wife did not enjoy her experiences with one other couple and now doesnt wish to try again.
Not getting enough at home, and unsure of playing in the LS right now
Not paying enough attention to my wife
Restarting a relationship after being left instantly for a mistake
Sex drive gone after 10 years of marriage ...what to do?
Sexual Frustrations
Should we fix our own lovelife first before swinging?
This is a good one folks- Everyone should read this
We are going to counseling....Should we choose a person who is in the Lifestyle?
What should our next step be?
Agreements and why they need to be rock solid
Am I wrong for feeling the way I do?
Antecdote from a real lifestyle couple going through growing pains
Are we strong enough for this lifestyle?
Broken trust
Cheating- He continues to do it, but I'm still with him.
Complete distrust in the relationship
Confused about hubby's trysts with a dishonest woman
Disrespect/Abuse vs. Perspective
Disrespecting boundaries
Does the trust ever come back?
Ex-husband is displaying frightening behaviors. Should I alert others?
Hard evidence points to a cheating spouse
He did all of this to me, but I want him back
He went on vacation and I caught him trying to attend a LS club
He's offering himself as a hall pass when I don't allow this
How can you tell who is real and who is fake?
How do I get her excited again about the lifestyle that I know excited her before?
How do I stress to him that I don't appreciate secret correspondence?
Hubby hiding e-mails and lying constantly
Hubby is on adult sites w/o my knowledge
I like this guy, but he's still meeting women on an adult site
I recently found out that he wants to take another girl(not in LL) out to meet our freinds from LL and didnt ask me to go...
I suspect infedelity and my hubby is traveling to a single female's city who he may be cheating with
I'm I over reacting?
Is he cheating on me?
Is my wife having an affair.
Is there hope?
Leave or confront?
Married man seeking to cheat
My B/F is hanging out with a woman while I'm not there and I'm not comfy with this
My new man doesn't know about this
My partner is on single sites!
My wife is now deleting conversations she has with this man
Not comfortable with playing with an escort, yet he presses
Now I don't know if I can trust him.
On again off again
She knowingly betrayed me and my trust is now broken
She slept with her ex- What should I do now?
She's carrying on with men behing my back.
Should I be suspicious of her insistance to meet him alone?
Should I believe my wife?
Should I let my wife go solo with a single male?
Strange text messages on my gf's phone
The rule is the rule
Trust has been breached and she won't speak of the incident
Trust issues
Trust issues
Violation of set boundaries- what should I do?
Why are some so-called'lifestylers' just flat out cheating?
After two affairs and a child from one, my wife wants to continue
Can we save our marriage after he has been cheating?
Damaged relationship
Dealing with a breakup and others talking about it
Destroying my membership!
Divorce rates in the LS vs. non-LS couples
Does the lifestyle break up couples?
Free riding wifey!!
Friends in the LS- I introduced them and now it is going very wrong.
Gay and coming out to my wife
Getting past the hurt
He cheated again- How do I get out??
How do I get past feelings of betrayal?
How do we get on the same page?
Hubby carrying on with another female in questionable manner- children involved
I don't understand- Did I do something wrong?
I just don't know what to do anymore?
I just found out my wife cheated
I know my wife cheated but I don't want to pursue it and risk the relationship over it.
I offered him an open relationship, he refused, and is cheating.
I'm falling for a single male and I'm married.
I'm not telling my husband that I'm sleeping with someone at work
If a man has been insecure for 8 years, can this LS work?
Inability to control others
Lack of Communication - Problematic
Lifestyle has caused terrible problems in our relationship
Lifestyle was bad for my relationship
Long distance LS relationship
LS damaged our relationship
LS friendly counselor
Marriage problems
My BF keeps acting shady
My fantasy is simply being with a man that wants to be with 'only me' and loves me most of the time. I really don't think he does any more.
My husband is cheating on me. What do I do?
My husband is posing as a single.
My marriage in trouble and I don't know what to do.
My partner is being very deceptive and controling, how can I make this work?
My wife lied and is now seeing a man often and our marriage is now suffering
My wife wants affairs, not the lifestyle
Non- LS related problems
Please advise me - Empty Relationship
Relationship failure rate in the LS
Salvage the swinging relationship or go our separate ways?
She cheated on me using the lifestyle as an excuse.
She is getting all the fun while Iím left out
She will not let me in with her to have fun and meet new people.
Since i am not interested in this lifestyle do you think he will be able to stop it for sake of our marriage?
So unhappy
Soulmate or swinging?
Split up but still swinging together. Will it work?
The lifestyle tore my life apart....what now?
there is never enough time….
Thinking about separation
Thinking of separating due to inability to agree on boundaries
Underlying problems and continuing in the LS
Unhappy and going in the worng direction with the LS and he doesn't see it.
We met a couple who had marriage problems and now it has spread to us.
Wife claims I forced her to swing for 12 years
Wife having an affair- Will lifestyle save our marriage?
Wondering if I should still attend???
Am I wrong?
An obvious answer
Are there other women who like to watch their hubbies with other women.. but are not comfortable playing with other men?
Boyfriend getting a bit hooked on the LS, causing me concern
Can you give me advice on how to get my wife to participate in more lifestyle functions?
Change of heart- she wants to refrain from the LS now
Compromising on MFM repeat encounters
Confused about wife's reaction to a LS proposal
Dealing with jealousy and discrepency in experience level
Double Standard
Feeling like I'm holding her back
Getting my better half into the lifestyle
Goose vs. Gander
He doesn't desire me anymore but wants to keep swinging
He doesn't introduce or include me when getting frisky
He introduced me to the lifestyle..now he wants out but I don't..what do we do?
He is upset that I don't want to do seperate room swap.
He pressure me too much to go further
He thinks I should see smís alone, but I donít want to
He wants a MFF but doesn't want me to have a MFM.
He wants to continue swinging, and I want to build a foundation first
He wants to partake in this lifestyle, but I'm not so sure
He wants to stay in the lifestyle and I want out.
Horny and unsatisfied
How can I easy my husband in to the idea of playing with another woman?
How can I get him to explore further?
How can I help her to feel more comfortable about returning to the lifestyle?
How do I coax her into going further with the LS?
How do I find out if my girlfriend might be insterested in the lifestyle?
How do I find renewed interest in the LS?
How do I get her more into the LS?
How do I get my wife involved?
How do I get my wife more comfortable?
How do I get my woman into this?
How do I introduce my wife to this?
How do I talk my wife into exploring and having wonderful intimate relationships with another couple for friendship, fun and sex?
How do you take part when 1/2 of the couple wants to share and the other 1/2 does not?
How should I get my wife interested in this?
How should we get started in the lifestyle, by playing together, or alone?
How to compromise on our same room/seperate room wants
How to get a vanilla gal into the lifestyle
How to get my man into this fantasy
Hubby getting into this and I'm NOT!
Hubby getting to gung-ho about the LS
Hubby wants more and I feel uncomfortable about myself
Hubby wants out, but I don't.
Hubby wants separate play b/c I can't find a guy I like
I don't feel as if I'm the main priority- It's the LS
I don't want to swing but he keeps begging me to do it.
I find it natural to want to explore my fantasy with other people, I but she does not.
I have been with bi women and my boyfriend is not open minded about it... we are getting serious... what should I do?
I keep trying to introduce things into our relationship.. how can I get my finace to open sexual boundries?
I only want oral sex with other couples, he want's it all.
I think he just cares about what he wants, and not whats good for both of us.
I want have separate play, but hubby won't budge on the issue
I want my wife to be a swinger
I want to be with other men...should I pursue this?
I want to experience new things but my mate doesnt... how do I get him to losen up?
I want to get her into this so I can have other women
I want to get my wife into this lifestyle, but how?
I want to get my wife into this, but she doesn't want it
I'd like to explore, but he doesn't seem open
I'm very uncomfortable with my wife's desire to go solo with other men
Iím marrying a closet bisexual in denial
Just wondering your thoughts about wanting to play separately?
Me vs. the LS
Menopausal wife not interested in sex, but I still need physical contact
My BF likes to crossdress and likes ass play- concerned
My girlfriend is not interest in the LS. Should I ditch her?
My girlfriend is not sure about full swap any suggestions?
My husband has very high standards for other men... how do I get him to lighten up?
My husband is pretending to be me and pushing me into group sex
My husband seems to have very different reasons for being in the LS
My man wants me to be with another woman, but I don't.
My other half wants to include others and I just want to be with one.
My partner is ready to ruin our realtionship to enter this lifestyle
My wife is into them but I'm not- feeling left out
My wife is overly picky, do you think this means she doesn't want to participate in the lifestyle?
My wife is pregnant with kids I didn't want and I still want to be in the LS
My wife is uncomfortable with female/female interaction. Will we have problems finding playmates?
My wife just decided we should leave the Lifestyle but is it ok to just be friends with the couples we have met?
My wife only wants to play when we are out of town
My wife plainly states sheís not interested in is, so Iím going to try a different angle
My wife want's out....How should I handle this?
Needs clarification
No more lifestyle- My wife only wants MMF or solo dates with other men now
Opposite personalities- great in real life, disastrous in the LS
Picky about play- Should I just play anyways?
Seeking mutual sexual understanding.
She loves when I do this to her but doesn't want a dp??
She wants it now- I don't
She's done playing...but I'm not ready to give it up
Should I just bow out and let her have fun without me?
Sorry I put my toe in the water
Starving sexlife
Swinging phiosophies are mismatched
The right combo of a boyfriend and a swing partner
Wanting different things
Wanting different things
Wanting too much from my wife after MFM?
We are having problems with agreeing on our priorities between family and the lifesytle can you help us?
We spend a lot of time around the LS, but very little playing
What do I do - give it up...???
Wife doesn't want to swing, but I do
Wife is hesitant about the lifestyle..what do I do?
Female half passed away
Husband in...Wife Unsure
Naked webcam photo being submitted for evidence in court
Should we play with the ex?
Split up, but upset over Booty Call posting
Taller than husband and feeling insecure
Would a quality lifestyle man give up play for my single mom?