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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Monday Night Supper Club (private group)
A Bay Area group that gets together, cooks great food together, and has hot sex together Monday nights, to start the week off with a bang
Join 2 11/12/2009
Music & Videos (public group)
Music and Videos I Like

[7 subjects]
Join 2 3/10/2009
NAB Show 2018 - Las Vegas (private group)
lets have some fun at NAB this year! April 7th-April 13th

[2 subjects]
Join 2 1/5/2018
Northstar commuter rail line (public group)
For people who ride the Northstar commuter rail line and would like to hook up with other lifestyle people.
Join 2 12/10/2014
Not to Young to have fun (public group)
for couples who are Really young and get made fun of for it!!
Join 2 12/10/2007
Pamapalooza 2008 (private group)
This is a private group for persons who are coming to Pamapalooza 2008, an annual - but ever improving - private carnal celebration. Talk among yourselves.

[4 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 2 2/13/2008
Panty Sniffers (public group)
This group is dedicated anyone that has a panty fetish, passion for wearing, observing, or collecting panties. Whether it is putting on, touching, seeing, stuffing, or sniffing, then this group is for you. Kinky merchandise available!

[1 subject]
Join 2 1/3/2018
penile implants (public group)
Join 2 1/25/2016
Pussy (public group)
Join 2 7/30/2014
REO 2008 Attendees (private group)
Strictly the four couples that attended the "HC Presents" REO rafting trip.

[1 subject]  [4 photo albums]
Join 2 8/24/2008
Sand Mountain Swingers (public group)
For those of us that like having fun and enjoy Riding Dirt Bikes, Quads, Dune Buggies and anything else that kicks up the Sand. Sand Mountain in Nevada.

  [1 photo album]
Join 2 12/6/2010
SAS Party (private group)
If you are reading this you have been invited to join the SAS Community. What is the SAS Community? Strictly About Sex! “…after 10 the clothes come off anything can happen… Welcome, to the Strictly About Sex Affair!!” The Strictly About Sex Affair is a service devoted to facilitating a "Sexual Celebration" for women and men. By creating ever-changing, safe and clean erotic playgrounds, our guests can engage themselves in an unbiased, sensually liberating
Join 2 2/10/2013
Smooth Pits (public group)
For those of us who LOVE woman with freshly shaved pits and love to nipple and lick on them. Nothing better with a woman on top of you riding your cock hard and she has the smoothest nicest pits.
Join 2 10/15/2008
Software Engineers are Sexy (public group)
Are you bi...lingual? Do you speak C++, Java, Perl, Ruby? Do you like to play with your Python? Enjoy installing software on your hardware over and over? This is the group for you.
Join 2 3/24/2010
Southern Oklahoma Swingers (public group)
For all couples around the Southern OK area.
Join 2 1/23/2009
STL Poker Group (public group)
Interested in getting some couples together for a poker game in St. Louis? If so, join today!

[2 subjects]
Join 2 11/26/2006
syn (public group)
Join 2 10/28/2015
Tee Shirts and Jeans only Group (public group)
This group is for guys who love there girls in just a tee shirt and jeans and the girls who like to wear cotton only. Post your hot photos here and talk about your Jeans and Tee Shirt fantacies.
Join 2 12/27/2011
Tell Me About Your State-City Because I May Move (public group)
This is a forum to ask questions about a state, city, region that may be a location you may move/retire and need feedback. Local people can answer questions that may be posed and assist their fello LL members.

[1 subject]
Join 2 2/6/2009
The I love groups, group. (public group)
Are you a group whore? Will you join ANY group just to have more on your list. THIS group is for you!!! ANYTHING goes in this group. Bisexual paraplegic hamsters, polyamorous hermaphrodites, hell...even HUGE cocks!!! C'mon join up. WE get more done before 9am than most people get done all day!! :-)
Join 2 8/29/2008
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