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Babysitters (public group)
last minute babysitter

[3 subjects]
Join 39 7/3/2006
Swinging Los Angeles Parents (public group)
You're parenting small children. It's damned near impossible to find swingers you're comfortable with and childcare for late nights out. But you know somebody out there has to be in the same boat, right? This group is for you. Share advice, stories, and maybe your hot DILF or MILF ass!

[8 subjects]
Join 36 5/31/2010
Parents of Teens (public group)
Let's face it, teens are in a league of their own and raising them can be very frustrating. This group is for parents dealing specifically with teenage issues.

[6 subjects]
Join 30 9/29/2006
Canopy Beds & Other Playtime Furniture (public group)
Share fun furniture ideas... and other creative functional bedroom strategies. Feel free to post photos!

[2 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 25 11/21/2007
Clean House & Garden (public group)
A group to discuss cleaning machines, products and hints and home remedies. I might even throw in some gardening forums. If keeping your home clean and organized is important, this group is for you.

[10 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 23 9/25/2006
Mid Night Chat Whores (private group)
This is a group mainly for our mid night chat whores.

[2 subjects]
Join 18 7/5/2009
Phoenix Mommies & Daddies (public group)
Hey there sexy mommas and poppas! This a group for parents with infants, toddlers and kids "near" the age of five in the Phoenix, AZ area. Share parenting tips, identify local resources, arrange outings or simply relax and chat with people in the same boat!

[6 subjects]
Join 17 3/16/2010
Northern Cal / Bay Area Parents Club (private group)
Are you parents of kids who live with you and find it hard to get out? Share strategies and excuses for why and where mommy and daddy are going out. Meet other parents who sympathize or can help you out. We started this because we have run into other LLers in public at kids events on weekendss when we'd all rather be playing!

[4 subjects]
Join 16 5/21/2010
Parents of Autism Spectrum Kids (public group)
A place where parents (and other caretakers) of Autism Spectrum Disoders (ASD) children can vent, give advice & support one another.

[8 subjects]
Join 15 6/4/2006
Parents of Multiples (twins, triplets, etc) (public group)
This is a public group for parents of multiples (twins, triplets, quads...lord help you if you have more!). It's a place to share the many joys and growing pains.

[3 subjects]
Join 14 9/7/2008
Sexy Fiancees (public group)
This is a group for the not-quite-yet married couples that may have questions on the lifestyle or even where to meet others in their same (engaged) situation.

[2 subjects]
Join 14 2/7/2007
Colorado Renewable Energy - Solar and Wind Power (public group)
The sun shines over 300 days per year in Colorado and it seems like the wind blows more and more these days. There are incredible rebates and tax credits being offered to home owners, ranches, farms. and business to go green. Energy costs are soaring with an 80% increase since 2002. There will never be a better time to harness the power of nature and reduce or even eliminate your energy bill. There are even programs available to get Solar on your roof for free. Free energy audits for LL'e

[6 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 13 6/22/2010
Vanilla Cover Stories (public group)
Ever had to explain to a Vanilla friend how it is that you know a Lifestyle friend? Did you have a Cover Story prepared? Were you caught off-guard and forced to improvise? Share your Cover Stories for the benefit of (and potential use by) fellow LL members. Bragging rights for the funniest and most outrageous cover stories.

[1 subject]
Join 13 1/18/2012
Blended Familiys (public group)
Help us and maybe we can help you.

[1 subject]
Join 12 8/7/2006
Cheap-ass Swingers! (public group)
Is your cheapness legendary? Sure you splurge when you need to, but are you always searching for the most bang for your buck in travel, food, entertainment, and even swinging?! This group is for you!

[2 subjects]
Join 11 1/22/2008
Husbands who do Laundry... Hot or simply helpful? (public group)
A forum for stories and opinions whether women are more turned on by husbands who do household chores. Also for Husbands to relate tales of success (or woe) resulting from doing household chores.

[2 subjects]
Join 11 11/5/2009
Mental health cafe (private group)
A place where members with mental health diagnoses can share with each other and receive support. Privacy infractions will be dealt with SEVERELY,so only join/participate if you can respect the rules!

[10 subjects]
Join 11 6/11/2006
Parents of children with disabilities (private group)
A place where parents of children w/physical, learning, and/or mental health disabilities can share with each other and receive support. Privacy infractions will be dealt with SEVERELY....

[6 subjects]
Join 10 6/11/2006
Feng Shui (public group)
A group that discusses the concepts and aspects of feng shui. To share tips and help others with feng shui in their homes and offices.

[2 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 9 2/6/2008
Married and Alone (public group)
This group is for people who are married and looking for an outlet to discuss their sexual frustrations with like minded people. It also serves as a vehicle to discuss the reality of marriage versus society's painted utopia. This group is not for close minded people or those who are looking to judge others for simply being honest about their circumstance. If you feel alone, shunned, and that there's no outlet to vent your views in a judgemental society...you are welcomed.

[3 subjects]
Join 9 1/10/2009
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