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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Oakland Raider Fans (public group)
Oakland Raiders fanatics.. We cater to our Raiderettes!! let's Orgy it up while watching the Game!! We play well with others..
Join 3 9/30/2015
Ohio State Swingers (public group)
This is to be The Best Damn Group in the Land. Lifestyle supporters of the Ohio State Buckeyes unite! Go Buckeye Football, Basketball, Baseball and all others. (But mainly football....)

[17 subjects]
Join 92 10/30/2007
PARTY PEOPLE (public group)

[2 subjects]
Join 29 11/27/2007
People who want to play with us (private group)
Interviews for membership take a few hours and usually must be pre-arrainged.
Join 2 5/16/2007
Phoenix Coyotes Hockey!!! GO YOTES! (public group)
For all of you hockey fans that love the Phoenix Coyotes...GO YOTES!!!

[3 subjects]
Join 10 10/19/2011
PIN UP GIRLS (public group)
Do you have a pretty face? Are you extremly busty and curvacious like Anna Nicole, Ava Gardner or Marilyn Monroe? If so, please post your best pin up girl pictures for all to enjoy!

[2 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 70 9/3/2007
Plus Sized And Sexy! (public group)
Let's face it no one is "perfect." If you are a healthy plus sized person or an admirer of people who don't claim to be Ken & Barbie then join us as we celebrate being Plus Sized And Sexy!

[13 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 151 5/31/2006
Real Rock & Roll (public group)
A place to go Back in time, 20 yrs when rock & roll was true Remember how crazy we got at clubs and concerts Like Having sex on the lawn Billy Squire/Def leppard concert at irvine meadows in the Rain

[2 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 13 2/8/2007
Red Hair Fan Club (public group)
A group that loves women with red hair. Red heads please join. Many will follow....

[1 subject]
Join 17 10/22/2011
Rider Pride - LL Style... (public group)
Fellow LL members CUM and show your support for The Canadaian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders. The best and most popular team in the CFL...

[5 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 7 11/20/2010
Rita's Gangbang (private group)
This is a private group, by invitation only.

[4 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 1 12/31/2008
Rocky Followers! (public group)
You're a hot dog, but you'd better not try to hurt her, Frankfurter! For all who Love the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!!!!

[9 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 19 9/15/2007
Sacramento Kings (public group)
Yes! After a long summer of fun the new season is about to begin. This group is for fans who want to talk about the game, arrange meet-ups before or after the game, and in general offer their armchair anaylsis of the players, coaches, or sexy season ticket holders sitting in Sec. 110. We hope to organize pre and post-game bar meets and possibly host away-game nights in our theatre room. What do you say? Wanna play? She likes the pick and roll, the fast break and a great up and down running game!

[11 subjects]
Join 8 10/14/2008
Spiced Meat, Goulet, and a Dodge Stratus (public group)
If you got this, then you are a fan as well. This is a place to discuss, quote and mimic all things Will Ferrell. We're gonna rip the lid off this!

[8 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 12 5/31/2006
Super-duper private group (private group)
A super duper private group for super duper cool people that were invited by super duper people.
Join 1 10/15/2010
Swingin Jovi's (public group)
Got any Bon Jovi fans that are out there in the lifestyle? If so..LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME!!

[6 subjects]
Join 11 8/4/2006
t ho bod (private group)
Ths s prvt grp fr th ppl wh ddct thr hm, tm nd nrgy t pt n th tsdy prty t th trhs.

[9 subjects]
Join 3 7/27/2010
TAMMYLAND...population 1 (private group)
For those of you COOL enough to know what that means, welcome.

[27 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 7 9/6/2006
tEcHnO VIKING FAN CLUB (public group)

[3 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 2 4/29/2009
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (public group)
This group is dedicated to all the women out there that enjoy the Ann Rice novels as much as I do. Share all of your favorite chapters and new authors that others would like to explore.

[5 subjects]
Join 16 1/7/2008
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